3D Systems Announces Sweeping Changes
3D Systems

3D Systems Announces Sweeping Changes

3D Systems, one of the leading 3D printer manufacturers, announced a series of sweeping changes to their operations and outlook.

Briggs & Stratton Bankruptcy And 3D Printing
3D Systems

Briggs & Stratton Bankruptcy And 3D Printing

Charles R. Goulding and Peter Favata explore 3D printing implications from Brigs & Stratton’s use of the technology — and their recently-announced bankruptcy filing.

3D Systems

Four Far Out Predictions For 3D Printing In 2020

General predictions of the future are easy, mere extensions of existing trends. Here we provide some very specific — and unlikely — predictions for 2020.


Why The Rush To Metal 3D Printing?

Why are so many new metal 3D printing companies and services emerging? There are three main reasons for this growth in additive manufacturing.


Watch Out For 3D Print Financial Scams

Is the 3D printing community immune to email fraud? Most definitely not. We point out how scams could happen and what you can do about it.


ExOne’s Timing Challenges

ExOne suffered a substantial loss in stock price, but what are the reasons behind this and why did it happen?

$3D systems quarterly results

Dire Results From 3D Systems

We’re looking at the financial results from 3D Systems for 2019Q2 and there are many negative factors in the publicly filed report, including a big loss.

$True Cost of 3D Printers

What Does A 3D Printer Really Cost?

What’s the true cost of a 3D printer? An accidental email spills the beans on how much resellers actually pay for 3D printers, and it’s less than you think.

$Nano Dimension results

Tough Times For Nano Dimension

Following disappointing financial results, Nano Dimension is facing strategic review — and 20% layoffs.

$maker faire bankrupt

Maker Media Shuts Operations

Maker Media, creator of the Maker Faire events and MAKE: magazine, has ceased operations and laid off all staff.


The End of Mcor Technologies?

It appears the end is near for Mcor Technologies, as we have indications they are in receivership.


Steady Progress at Stratasys

Stratasys announced their quarterly financial results this week, and it looks pretty good for the 3D printing giant.


Don’t Forget The Maintenance Costs!

Purchasing 3D printing equipment can be a costly affair, but sometimes it’s actually far more expensive than you first thought.

3D Systems

3D Systems Announces Surprise Financial Results

This week 3D Systems announced their financial results for the 1st quarter of 2018, as well as their full 2017 results – and it was a bit of a surprise. 

3D Systems

Stratasys’ Non-Shocking Quarterly Results

Stratasys released their Q2 financial results for 2017 and the results were quite different from those of their competitor, 3D Systems. 

3D Systems

3D Systems Shocking Financial Results

As is customary, 3D Systems announced their latest quarterly financial results and the results were quite shocking. 


The 3D Printer Financial Chart

Tuan Tranpham has posted a very telling chart showing where many current 3D printer offerings lay on a financial scale. 

3D Systems

3D Systems’ First Quarter: Steady

3D Systems, one of the largest players in 3D printing, announced their first quarter 2017 financial results. 

3D Systems

3D Systems 2016 Results Challenging

3D Systems released their 4Q16 and full 2016 financial results, where we can see what kind of turnaround has occurred. Or not. 

3D Systems

3D Systems Quarterly Results: Flat

3D print giant 3D Systems announced their third quarter results and it seems they are holding at consistent levels. 


Arcam’s Interesting Interim Report

Arcam is a publicly-traded metal 3D printer manufacturer, and now we know a bit more about how well they are doing. 


Ultimaker Scores Massive Loan Agreement

The European Investment Bank announced a huge €15M (USD$17M) loan to Ultimaker; this should enable many things to happen.


Leasing or Buying Your 3D Printer?

I’ve just noticed that Type A Machines now offers leasing programs for acquiring their equipment, but is this something you should consider? 


Arcam Releases 2015Q1-2 Results: Mixed Results

Sweden-based Arcam, maker of powerful metal 3D printing gear, released interim financial results for the first half of the year, and there’s good and bad news. 


Lessons From The Demise of Solidoodle

This week former 3D printer manufacturer Solidoodle finally made it formal by announcing they’ve suspended operations permanently. While many could see this coming, what lessons can we gain from this event?


Is 3D Systems Really On “Life Support”?

We’re reading a piece in TheStreet that describes 3D Systems as a “company on life support”. We’re not in agreement with this notion. 


Bitoni Says 3D Printing Is Stagnant?

World-famous 3D designer Francis Bitoni declared in an interview with Dezeen that he believes the current state of 3D printing is stagnant. Is this true? 

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