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Realizing 3D Printing’s Potential via Automated Post-Processing Tech

As the 3D printing space continues to transform into something that fits into industrial factory settings, we’ve seen materials expand, systems improve, and a trend toward automation. What has so far seemed to be the missing piece is an equal improvement in post-processing technologies.



A new company, Pulvermeister GmbH, has produced a prototype of a 3D print post-processing device.


Boom! Janne Kyttanen’s Literally Explosive 3D Prints

3D printing is just one method of making things, and it’s best exploited when combined with other techniques. But a new approach from designer Janne Kyttanen could blow you away!


Another 3D Printing Use Case: Land Models

Along with prosthetics, prototypes, jewelry and other increasingly common usage scenarios for 3D printing is one that was discovered years ago but hasn’t seem to grow as much: land models.


An Easy Way to Vapor-Smooth PLA 3D Prints?

For years hobbyists have been smoothing their ABS plastic 3D prints with acetone vapor, but PLA has had no solution. A video shows a potentially useful method using PVC pipe cleaner. 


Hydrographic 3D Print Painting?

Wired reports on a potential method of coloring complex 3D prints: hydrographic painting. But is it really feasible? 


Magic Box Almost Ready

Remember the Magic Box? The one that automatically smooths your ABS prints? It’s almost ready for shipping. 


Tips on Painting a 3D Printed Model

German designer Guido Mandorf presents a very good tutorial on painting printed 3D models on i.Materialise. 


Another Method to Smooth 3D Prints

Tired of endless hours of sanding your rough 3D prints? There is a better way to make your 3D prints smooth: XTC-3D.


3D Printing Winged Victory

Every once in a while you bump into an incredible 3D print. We did and we wanted to make it,  too. Thus began our Winged Victory Project. 


A Spectacular Paint of 3D Model

You know how to paint your 3D prints? Just spray ‘em! Nope – there’s a much better way we found at Redicubricks. 


Magically Finish Your 3D Prints with the MagicBox

3D printing newbies often complain about the supposedly unsightly layer lines that are often quite visible on coarsely-printed objects. Now there’s a safer way to get rid of them. 


Makeraser’s Smooth Launch

Finally Makeraser is available for purchase, having launched on Kickstarter this week. It’s not a 3D printer, but everyone who owns a 3D printer should


Cosmo’s Patina Kit

During 3D Printshow 2013 we spent some time with Cosmo Wenman, the fellow who has captured 3D scans of numerous famous sculptures over the past


The Makeraser Smooths 3D Prints

A new startup offers something called “The Makeraser”. It’s a handheld tool that can smooth your unattractive visibly-layered 3D prints into beautiful smooth objects.   


Watch: 3D Print Smoothing with Acetone

Bracken Dawson and James Bruton of So Make It, the Southampton Makerspace, demonstrate the acetone smoothing technique for ABS prints in a recent video. The


Stratasys’s Finishing Secrets

Stratasys has released a video detailing some of their secret (well, maybe not so secret) finishing processes. The video shows various tumbling media machines that


Perfectly Smooth PLA 3D Prints?

We’ve written previously about a method to create a perfectly smooth (even shiny) surface finish on your ABS plastic 3D prints, but one wonders whether


A 3D Print Refiner

We’ve seen countless startup 3D printer companies launch crowd funding campaigns in the past year. Now we’re seeing a plethora of 3D printing accessory devices


Dyeing At Shapeways

While on our recent visit to Shapeways in Queen’s, NYC, we noticed vats of color dyes. Why color dyes? It’s all in the finishing.    


Poor Man’s 3D Printing: Finishing

You’ve obtained or made a 3D model and printed it on a 3D print service or perhaps your own 3D printer. Now the question is,


Micro-Machining Process

Swiss-based BESTinCLASS, developers of the very cool Micro-Machining Process  (MMP), have come to terms with EOS, makers of laser-sintering equipment for exclusive use of MMP


Finish it with Metal

We ran across an interesting service that provides post-print finishing services, specifically in metal. According to their “about”: 3DDC is the first European company to


First Surface

  An interesting new service popped up this month: First Surface. According to their website: First Surface delivers innovative precision surface finishing services using a

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