3D Printed Compressible Batteries

3D Printed Compressible Batteries

A team of researchers in Singapore and China has developed a unique process to produce compressible batteries using 3D printing.


Formlabs’ New Tough Resin

Formlabs announced a new resin, Tough 1500 Resin, which has some interesting properties and could be used as a substitute for polypropylene.


Is The MM3D Nozzle Practical?

Researchers at Harvard and the Wyss Institute have developed a new form of extrusion-based 3D printing they call “MM3D”. We review the constraints that make it impractical for many applications.


TPU Parts With SLS Printing

How useful is TPU when 3D printing? What are the best 3D printing processes for printing flexible TPU parts?


The TRILAB DeltiQ 2 3D Printer

The powerful DeltiQ 2 3D Printer from TRILAB includes a surprise extrusion system that allows easy 3D printing of flexible material.

die cast

E3D-Online Announces The Hermes System

E3D-Online announced a breakthrough 3D printing extruder / hot end system called Hermes. It offers a very powerful feature, yet is still low priced.

$Large Flexible 3D Prints

3DGence Certifies Flexible Filament

Can flexible filament be used in the 3DGence F340? Indeed it can — it’s announced that Flexfill 98A flexible rubber filament has been certified for use in the F340.

$3D printing in silicone

The German RepRap L320 Silicone 3D Printer

Looking for a silicone 3D printer? The new German RepRap L320 is able to print high-resolution silicone objects in resin for casting and moulding.

$using tpu with sls

TPU Elastomers From Powder

I’m watching another of Sinterit’s amusing videos, this time about TPU elastomers.


Shapeways Gets Flexible

Shapeways’ new material shows how tight the relationship between 3D print service bureaus and 3D printer manufacturers can be.


BMW’s Inflatable 3D Prints

A story on designboom talks about some very intriguing ideas from automaker BMW. 


Carbon Attacks Foam!

A 3D printer manufacturer has a new application target: foam!


Disney’s Compliant Mechanism System

Entertainment giant Disney has published an interesting study on a system they’ve developed to assist in the design of “compliant objects”, which could be very useful in 3D printing. 


Sintratec’s Flexible-Flexible Powder System

Sintratec is a Swiss company that produces SLS-style 3D printers and now they’ve developed a very interesting way to 3D print flexible objects.


Could Self-Healing Plastic Be 3D Printed?

A curious new plastic can heal itself in water, but could this be used in a 3D printer?  Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania examined


WillowFlex: Flexible, Friendly Filament

Berlin-based BioInspiration has produced a new flexible 3D printer filament that has an unusual property: it’s compostable. 


Hands On With Verbatim’s 3D Printer Filaments

We tested samples of several filaments from Verbatim, who have recently entered the market for 3D printer supplies, and were very impressed with the results. 


Eco 3D Filament’s Unique Material Offerings

In the increasingly crowded 3D printer plastic filament market, it’s harder for companies to distinguish themselves. Czech-based Eco 3D Filament may have just done that. 


FilaFlex is indeed Flexible

Another filament innovation has emerged from Recreus: Filaflex, a flexible filament. Using this material, your personal 3D printer might be able to 3D objects that


i.Materialise Keeps Their Rubber

Earlier this year 3D print service i.Materialise announced the temporary availability of an experimental flexible 3D print material. Now they say this material will be


BendLay Filament Bends!

The same folks who brought you the hard-to-believe-but-actually-real Wood filament now market a new bendable filament: BendLay, produced by Orbi-Tech and developed by Kai Parthy. 


Shapeways Flexes Its Materials

3D print service Shapeways has made a history of pioneering new 3D print materials for makers. Typically they experiment with a new idea and if


Shapeways Gets Bendy

Shapeways, the popular 3D print service constantly experiments with new materials and perhaps they have the widest variety of materials one can select from. We’ve

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