1.75 vs 2.85mm Filament Showdown

Where did the two 3D printer filament diameters come from and what is the difference? Which one is better?


At Last: The End of STL Is In Sight

There have been a few developments recently that have brought me to the view that STL file format will slide away quietly.


3MF Solves a Massive Problem

The 3MF Consortium announced a new feature that should have a significant effect on the use of 3D printing. 


Could the End of STL be In Sight?

The venerable STL file format for describing 3D models has been around for far too long. But now the end could be finally appearing. 


Where Did AMF Go?

Every once in a while you’ll run into a problem when 3D printing After some diagnosis you’ll realize the root cause of your issue was


An End To The Dreaded STL Format?

Experiments are underway to 3D print without using STL, the standard meat and potato file format used by 3D printers worldwide. How can this be?


Waiting For AMF

Some months ago (March actually) we wrote about a new file format for additive manufacturing that had been approved after long discussion: AMF, the Additive


MiniMagics2 Released

Materialise has released a new version of their MiniMagics software, which is used for management of STL files. What can it do? Here’s a short


.STL Overview

There’s a terrific overview of .STL and in fact the modelling and 3D printing process available at InstaTuts. It takes you through a simple explanation


Replacing .STL

We wrote on the problems with the prehistoric .STL format the other week, and bumped into a potential replacement: GTS. It’s an open source project:


.STL To Be Replaced?

RapidToday posts an interesting interview with Hod Lipson, chair of the ASTM Committee on Additive Manufacturing Standards’s task force on file formats. The topic: .STL.


Last September we wrote about Lattice Technology’s 3D model storage format, XVL, which offers significant (i.e. up to 99%) savings over other formats. Now though,

My Model is Shrinking!

We bumped into Lattice Technology, a company that produces 3D modeling software. What’s the big deal? Actually, it’s a small deal: Lattice uses a unique


Through The Barrier

Previously we reported on a breakthrough in 3D software that permitted Revit 2009 users to easily access 3D Print Services via a special .STL exported


STL Barrier Broken!

One of the ongoing bugaboos of 3D printing is that most 3D printers accept a limited number of 3D input files. Most typically, STL is


.STL ?

Frequently we’ve mentioned the use of .STL files when describing 3D printing services. But what are they, exactly? .STL is a computer file format, specifically

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