Recent Kickstarter 3D Printer Successes

There’s been lots of bad news regarding inexpensive 3D printers appearing on Kickstarter, but there have been some successes, at least from the funding standpoint. 


XMachines Falls

An announcement from XMachines on their Kickstarter page this week revealed the company will not manufacture desktop 3D printers as promised. 


Carbon’s Massive Expansion

Two years ago, few had any idea about Carbon, the 3D printing startup that’s now rapidly expanding across the globe. 


Four Unfortunate 3D Printing Crowdfunding Ventures

Launching a new product on a crowdfunding site can be quite challenging. Today we’re looking at four unfortunate ventures that are likely to fall far short of their goals. 


Help a Teen Start a 3D Printing Business

Many people are now considering starting a business in the 3D print world, but not many are as young and ambitious as Michael Becerra. 


3D Printer Crowdfunding Suicide?

Daniel Brown created a very detailed analysis of crowdfunded 3D printer startups on his blog, 3D Prototypes and Models.


The Robox Personal 3D Printer

We’re looking at another Kickstarter campaign for yet another 3D printer. There have been so many recently it has become very difficult to distinguish one


The Helix 3D Printer

Created by Acuity Design of Montana, the Helix is a higher-grade personal 3D printer focusing on professional markets, unlike the countless other low-cost 3D printers


The $200 Ready-To-Rock 3D Printer

We’ve heard about the USD$100 3D printer – but it’s an experimental resin-based 3D printer. What if you’re interested in acquiring a low-cost plastic filament


Breaking: Formlabs Raises $19M

Formlabs announced today they’ve raised USD$19M investment to help grow their company. Formlabs produces the Form 1, the first popular resin-based personal 3D printer, which


The Peachy 3D Printer is Looking Very Peachy

We wrote earlier this week on the launch Peachy, a new 3D printer with some very revolutionary features. It, like many new ventures, used crowdfunding


3D Printer Vaporware

Tom’s Hardware has a thought provoking article on the notion of 3D printer “vaporware”. “Vaporware” originally referred to software that was splashingly announced, but didn’t


ZEUS: Another 3D Copy and Print Machine

It’s another week and another 3D print “all-in-one” device has emerged to join the likes of Radiant Fabrication’s Lionhead and the Mebotics Microfactory: the ZEUS


Fuel3D’s Harker Offering

We wrote recently on Fuel3D’s new 3D scanner, just launched on Kickstarter. While the project has been quite successful, gaining more than three times their


You Can Help Make 3D-Rex

A new Kickstarter project from Namisu proposes to produce a series of geometric mesh Tyrannosaurus Rex heads using 3D printing. The Namisu project team behind


Could the Buccaneer Raise USD$1M?

  The launch of Pirate3D’s inexpensive and classy Buccaneer personal 3D printer on Kickstarter was explosive, raising their initial funding goal within mere minutes.   


Free 3D Scans Of Famous Sculptures?

Cosmo Wenman is well-known for his incredibly realistic and large-size 3D prints of ancient sculptures. How does he do it? He visits museums to capture


A 3D Printer From Togo

Yes, Togo. It’s the home of Afate Gnikou of WoeLab, a technology incubator in the small African country. Gnikou has launched a crowdfunding project on


The Gigabot

When the name of the product is “Gigabot”, it’s not hard to imagine their key feature: size. From Texas-based re:3D, the Gigabot has one of


The Filastruder

The cost of a 3D printer is not only the printer itself, but also the print material. In most cases, personal 3D printers use plastic


A 3D Print Refiner

We’ve seen countless startup 3D printer companies launch crowd funding campaigns in the past year. Now we’re seeing a plethora of 3D printing accessory devices


The Photon 3D Scanner

Tired of designing your own 3D CAD models? Worn out from endless searching 3D repositories for that specific 3D design? If so, why not scan


The mUVe 1 3D Printer

With the expiration of key patents around photo-curable 3D printer techniques, we’ve seen several new resin-based personal 3D printer projects. Now another has emerged, the


The RigidBot 3D Printer

Another 3D printer startup has shown up on Kickstarter: The RigidBot by Michael Lundwall of Utah. As there are so many small 3D printer startups


The B9Creator Returns

Readers may recall the hugely successful B9Creator 3D printer kit Kickstarter project last year: it raised a ridiculous USD$513,422 to develop a revolutionary personal 3D


3D Captured Tattoos

We’re looking at an unusual 3D scanning project on Kickstarter: the “3d tattoo body art scanner” by UK artist Lee Wagstaff. Wagstaff is notable as


Sandboxr’s Figurine Service

There’s another 3D print service about to emerge: Sandboxr. It’s specialized for the easy creation of 3D figurines using a friendly interactive interface.    The


A Donation and Your House in a Snowglobe

It’s true: if you donate to the Home For Christmas online fundraiser, you could qualify for a rather amazing prize: your own home, 3D printed


PandaBot Succeeds – and Fails

We wondered what might happen to the Toronto-based project attempting to produce a user-friendly personal 3D printer. Their Kickstarter campaign languished and didn’t seem to


Millions To Form 1

We’ve all heard about the success of Formlab’s incredible fundraising success on the launch of their new Form 1 resin-based 3D printer, but how well


Will PandaBot Make It?

We’re watching the PandaBot 3D printer fundraising campaign closely and we’re wondering if the project will reach its goal of USD$50,000. Currently they’re running over


PandaBot is on Kickstarter

Toronto-based Panda Robotics has finally launched their first personal 3D printer, the PandaBot, on Kickstarter. They’re raising funds for their first big production run, a


The Ultra-Bot 3D Printer

The Ultra-Bot is yet another Kickstarter project producing a unique 3D printer. This one is already successful, raising over 5x its goal of USD$7,500.   


Startling Form 1 Update

We discussed the sudden announcement of Formlabs’ amazing Form 1 resin-based 3D printer yesterday, but we need to talk about it some more. Something amazing


The Incredible Form 1 3D Printer

You heard the rumors, as did we. Formlabs has been working on a top secret “revolutionary” personal 3D printer and today it’s unveiled for your


The HYREL 3D Printer

Another KickStarter project is launching an inexpensive 3D printer. It’s the HYREL 3D Printer by Daniel Hutchison of Alpharetta, Georgia.    There are so many


Legends of Kalidasia Pioneers A New Approach

Jason Rutherford of Kalidesia contacted us to talk about a new approach he’s taken in his gaming business. Rutherford makes the Legends of Kalidasia game,


Easy 3D Printing with File2Part

Preparing 3D models for 3D printing is often problematic. They’re in the wrong orientation, wrong size, etc. While most 3D printer-specific operation software can do


The Folding 3D Printer

There was once a time when your 3D printer arrived as bags of teeny parts that you had to carefully assemble over a weekend. Then


Another Open Source Resin 3D Printer: Sedgwick

We’ve uncovered another resin-based 3D printer project. The “Sedgwick Open Source 3D DLP Printer” by Ron Light is now crowd funding on Kickstarter with the


Matt Underwood’s 3D Vision

Manufacturing engineer Matt Underwood’s Kickstarter project is the Vision 3D printer. Yes, it’s another RepRap variant, but with quite a few interesting improvements.    Underwood


How to Crowdfund Your 3D Printer Project

We’ve actually lost track of how many 3D printer startups have launched this year. It seems that every week another one shows up on a


The MiiCraft 3D Printer Available Soon

More developments on hobby 3D resin printers: the team at MiiCraft, which we described the other week, have launched a fundraising campaign to develop their


B9 Is 350!

Some weeks ago we informed you on the new B9Creator resin-based 3D printer project on KickStarter. Resin 3D printers promise super-high resolution and fast prints,


Haptic A-Go-Go

Anarkik3D has opened a crowd funding initiative at IndieGoGO to raise money for enhancements to their Cloud9 haptic 3D modeling software. The project’s goal is


$600 Resin 3D Printer Kit Available

3D printer inventor Junior Veloso has transformed his home experiments in ultra-high resolution resin-based 3D printing into a business launch. The as yet unnamed 3D


The Stelliform Owl

California-based customer service rep Grant Miller is one of many folks who moonlight as a 3D artisan when not doing their day job. Miller’s particular


The $300 Desktop 3D Printer?

Another 3D printer startup has emerged: the Makibox A6, billed as: “The $300 Desktop 3D Printer”. The project is led by Jon Buford, who hopes


North America’s Largest 3D Print?

Everyone asks how big can you print, but we have a group trying to print something truly massive. JF Brandon of Vancouver, Canada wants your


The SUMPOD 3D Printer And Router

Time to look at another inexpensive 3D printer kit seeking funding. This one is called the SUMPOD and it’s not just a 3D printer –

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