3D Printed Designer Furniture

3D Printed Designer Furniture

Charles R. Goulding and Peter Favata find that the idea of 3D printing sits comfortably for designer furniture.

IKEA Brings 3D Printing Back Home

IKEA Brings 3D Printing Back Home

Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi consider some of the homey and 3D printed touches possible with IKEA furniture and accessories.


Fabric Nets Injected with Expanding Foam

In this modern age of everything-looks-the-same DIY furniture, it makes sense that some people want to make something unique to stand out from their friends’ IKEA apartment fixtures.


WASP’s 3D Printing Vision Continues to Inspire

Today there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies operating across the 3D printing industry, all motivated by the potential of additive technologies and/or the commercial opportunities that they offer. 


Herman Miller’s Step Into 3D Printing

Furniture maker Herman Miller has developed an unusual way to leverage 3D printing for their business – and yours. 


The Biomimicry Approach

A graduation project illustrates the future of 3D printed structures. 


Design of the Week: Bone Chair

This week’s selection is designer Joris Laarman’s Bone Chair, part of a seven-piece collection entitled, “Bone Furniture”


3D Printing a Living Object: Furniture

Designer Eric Klarenbeek has used 3D printing in a revolutionary way we’ve not seen before: printing a living piece of furniture.    The Dutch designer


Furniture That Can Carry Its Own Weight

Multithread, a furniture collection that is currently on display at the 2012 Istanbul Design Biennial, has an interesting story behind its creation.   Designed by


Design of the Week: The Bloom Table Lamp

This week’s selected design is Patrick Jouin’s incredible Bloom table lamp. What makes it so interesting? It’s based on the mechanics of an actual flower:


Self Powered 3D Printed Lamp

Designer Margot Krasojevic has developed a very unique piece: a 3D printed light that provides its own power. How does it do that, exactly?   


Sit On Objet’s 3D Printed Chair

It’s always totally amazing to pull a new item out of a 3D printer, but it’s even more amazing when it has moving parts and


The Endless Chair

Another surprise item seen at London’s Design Museum was the “Endless Chair”. Why is it called “endless”? Because it’s made from recycled refrigerators, where plastic


Natural 3D Printing

Ponoko posted of a wonderful story about Sydney-based lighting company SandFlora’s experience designing a beautiful lamp. The interesting part was the inspiration: nature. In fact,


3D Printed Chairs

Freedom of Creation has produced another set of amazing furniture, this time by Dutch designer Bram Geenen. The design of the Gaudi stool (pictured) and


Fractal Tree Table

If the size of your 3D printer’s build chamber is too small, the answer is obvious: break your object into a series of smaller parts,


Images From DHUB

There’s a fascinating exhibition taking place at the Disseny Hub in Barcelona, also known as “DHUB”. From the exhibition’s description:   FABRICATION LABORATORY consists of



We ran across a very interesting operation: SMArchitecture, a “Kuwait and London based architectural & design R&D practice”. Their blog, written by Dr. Thomas Modeen


Chairs You Can Sit On

Some may say that 3D printed items are not robust, but not this time. Design firm Freedom of Creation’s Janne Kyttanen has made an amazing


The .MGX Collection

Earlier this week we encountered iMaterialise’s .MGX collection at the Parallellepipeda Exhibition, and we wanted to learn more. iMaterialise, as we’ve written before, is one


The Parallellipipeda Exhibition

The Singularity Hub reports on an exhibition taking place at the M Museum in Leuven, Belgium, where the Parallellipipeda Project attempts to leverage the Parallelepiped


Punched Lamps

  Sometimes when we visit the furniture store it gets frustrating, items are too expensive or they don’t have precisely what you want. We’ve seen


Sketch Furniture Into Reality

Swedish design firm FRONT is pioneering a rather unusual method of developing 3D furniture models. They use 3D motion capture techniques to trace the movement


Dining Room Table Printed

  It’s really just a model, but the concept was developed by Swiss Designer Phillippe Cramer. Interestingly, Philippe’s model is entitled, “Stalactite Table”, which mirrors


3D Sneeze in your Living Room

Marcel Wanders, a dutch designer, has created a very unusual vase. It’s based on a 3D scan of an “airborne snotty”. The picture tells the

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