MSC Joins the Generative Design Parade

MSC Joins the Generative Design Parade

We catch up with Dr. Thomas Reiher, cofounder of AMendate, who is now director of Hexagon’s generative design division.


Book of the Week: Generative Design

This week’s selection is “Generative Design” by Benedikt Groß, Hartmut Bohnacker, Julia Laub, and Claudius Lazzeroni.


A Great Way To Learn Grasshopper

A new book explains how to use McNeel’s Grasshopper plug-in for Rhino 3D in a very simple and easy-to-learn manner.


nTopology Releases nTop Platform 2.0

nTopology released the latest version of their nTop Platform software, 2.0, and it seems to include some incredibly powerful built-in toolkits.


What Every 3D Printing Company Should Be Doing

Trinckle has developed a powerful new system, Paramate, that can automatically generate custom 3D models to vastly simplify the process of producing unique low volume parts for production.

$generative design for 3D printing

Matters At ParaMatters

Generative design is advancing toward more automated design solutions for additive manufacturing. ParaMatters’ CTO provides a look into what’s new with CogniCAD’s cloud-based generative design software.

$3D Printing Design

Book of the Week: 3D Printing Design

Need inspiration for 3D design? Designer and now author Francis Bitonti’s new book offers a peek into the mind of an additive manufacturing designer, whose 3D prints continue to amaze all.


Combining 3D Printing and Genetic Algorithms

I’m reading a fascinating press release from NYU that describes an unusual combination of 3D printing and what seems to be genetic algorithms.


Crystallon Make Lattices Easy

Crystallon is a new feature for Rhino3D / Grasshopper CAD design that automatically generates lattice structures. 


Maix to Launch in January

A secretive project to enable consumers to “design” their own products is set to launch in a few weeks. 


Trinkcle’s B2B Product Generation System

I’ve always thought that generative approaches may be the way for consumers to get into 3D printing, but there’s actually another more important use. 


Everyone Needs an Ancestro3D

Mexico-based Ideaz 3D is attempting to develop a very unique 3D print application, Ancestro3D.


Design Your Own 3D Printed Vase

What, you’re not a 3D modeling whiz? Still need a design for a vase? We found a service you can use. 


MakerBot’s PrintShop

MakerBot has released “PrintShop”, a friendly iPad app with which you can generate your own 3D models. 


Shapeways Announces Programmable Models

3D printing service Shapeways has released “ShapeJS”, a programming environment that can generate 3D models using Javascript programs.    In other words, if you know

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