Book of the Week: Build Your Own Mini Metal Maker

Did you ever want to try 3D printing in metal but did not have a million dollar budget to do so? If so, this book explains step-by-step how to build an inexpensive 3D printer that can actually 3D print metal objects.


The LumiBEE Open Source 3D Printer

There is a new option for those wishing to build their own 3D printer: Lumi Industries released open source plans for a resin 3D printer, the LumiBEE.


Wikifactory Launches

A new online service has launched to provide collaboration services for product development: Wikifactory.



A new project can keep you up to date on the latest publicly available 3D models. 


Are You Overflowing With 3D Models?

To use a 3D printer, you must have 3D models. But wait, exactly how many do you have? Probably far too many to keep track of. 

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