3D Printers as Material Generators?

I’m reading some research from last month where a new process was used to create graphene, but there are some other implications of the discovery. 

Least Dense 3D-Printed Graphene Structure Enabled by New Technique

At one-atom thick, graphene is the lightest and strongest material in the world. Harnessing its power, however, has not been easy as it’s not a simple process to manipulate the world’s toughest material. Additive manufacturing (AM) may hold the answer.

The First Graphene 3D Printer?

A startup hopes to develop not only graphene materials for 3D printers, but a 3D printer designed for graphene printing. But we’re not so sure. 

Graphene Filament for 3D Printing

Graphene 3D Labs is developing a new family of 3D printer filaments, the first being one made from graphene. 

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