Engineers at MTU Create 3 New Open Source Tools To Aid In Battling COVID – 19

3 New Open Source Tools To Aid In Battling COVID-19

During times of uncertainty, Michigan Tech’s Open Sustainability Technology (MOST) Lab doles out three new open source tools in response to the ongoing pandemic. The


Roboze Launches Extreme Parts Network

Roboze launched their long-awaited distributed additive manufacturing service, composed of a network of experienced Roboze 3D printer operators.


3ntr’s Spectral 30 High Temperature 3D Printer

3ntr has introduced an extremely high temperature 3D printer with a build chamber temperature of 250C, capable of 3D printing all high temperature materials, such as PEEK, ULTEM, PAEK and more.


The Copperhead 3D Printer Hot End

Slice Engineering has developed a new, highly efficient hot end that could be very suitable for use in high temperature 3D printing applications.


An Update On Lynxter’s 3D Printers

Lynxter’s S600D industrial 3D printer just got a lot better with a new liquid extrusion system. We found out which materials it can print.



INTAMSYS presented its latest cutting-edge 3D printer, the FUNMAT PRO 610 HT at Formnext 2019 in Frankfurt, the first time seen publicly in Europe.


The Powerful Delta 3D Printers Of Innovatica

Innovatica displayed a pair of powerful high-temperature delta 3D printers for industry that sport a number of very interesting features such as a vacuum plate system.

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Dynamical 3D’s DT60 Industrial 3D Printer

Need a very large high-temperature 3D printer? Dynamical 3D’s huge DT60 can reliably 3D print in PEEK, ULTEM and other high-temp engineering materials.

$high temperature 3D printing

The AON-M2 High-Temperature 3D Printer

Looking for a high-temperature material 3D printer? The AON-M2 is able to 3D print high-temp materials such as PEEK, ULTEM, PEKK, PC and even LEXAN.

high temperature


If you’re thinking about 3D printing in high-temperature materials you might want to look at the INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 410.

high temperature

The Northworks 600x 3D Printer

We have not yet seen the Northworks 600x 3D printer, but it seems to be an amazing machine.


miniFactory Announces the Ultra

Finland-based miniFactory Oy Ltd announced their latest 3D printer, the miniFactory Ultra.

high temperature

NASA Hopped Up a 3D Printer in 2016

I wish I’d seen this earlier: A 2016 NASA project transformed a desktop 3D printer into one capable of 3D printing ULTEM.

high temperature

The UBOT P440 3D Printer

UBOT 3D is now ready to release their new huge P440 3D printer to the world. 

Aon3D Has Found Success

Aon3D is a Montreal-based company producing a high-temperature 3D printer.


The HT 5800 3D Printer

3D Printerworks has launched a new powerful industrial 3D printer, the HT 5800. 

high temperature

The FUNMAT 3D Printer Series from INTAMSYS

Shanghai-based INTAMSYS’ FUNMAT series of professional 3D printers hopes to provide the world with high temperature capabilities. 


Roboze Powers Up the New Roboze One

Roboze is an Italian company focusing on high temperature desktop 3D printers, and today they’ve released their most powerful unit yet. 

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