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The State of 3D Scanning 160 Years Ago

Ever wonder when 3D scanning was invented? It seems that a form of 3D scan, called Photosculpture, was developed in the 1800s by a French artist.

3D printing

The Terminology of Technology

3D printing / additive manufacturing / rapid prototyping — what’s the difference?


The Stone Age Meets The 3D Printing Age

In a remarkable collaboration between Stratasys, Artists and Archaeologists, stone hand axe replicas were equipped with ergonomic handles. 


Historic Golf Clubs Brought Back to Life Via 3D Printing

As some of the world’s top golfers prepare to descend upon Scotland for the 2014 Ryder Cup, researchers from the University of Dundee are celebrating the game’s history with the use of the latest technology.


3D Printed Handles for Stone Age Tools

In the most absolute and ultimate technology contrast possible, researchers have 3D printed handles for primitive flint-knapped hand axes. 


Five Years Ago In 3D Printing

We’ve been writing Fabbaloo for quite a few years now. So long that it’s time to take a look back to examine the prehistoric world of 3D printing of five years ago. 


New Ways to Resurrect Dinosaurs with 3D Printing

A paper published in the journal Radiology explores new techniques used to capture 3D information from dinosaur fossils. The new approach overcomes the problem of


Cosmo’s Patina Kit

During 3D Printshow 2013 we spent some time with Cosmo Wenman, the fellow who has captured 3D scans of numerous famous sculptures over the past


We Found a 3D Zinjanthropus!

There are a great many exhibits among the booths at this year’s 3D Printshow in London, but one caught our eye. In spite of perhaps


Three Dead 3D Printers

With numerous inexpensive 3D printers continually emerging, many won’t survive. But the latest wave of failures is not the first. Indeed, several bold attempts at


Rome, Digitized

Rome Reborn is a breathtaking project at the University of Virginia in which historians and 3D modelers are attempting the impossible: build a highly detailed,

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