1.75 vs 2.85mm Filament Showdown

Where did the two 3D printer filament diameters come from and what is the difference? Which one is better?


Nefertiti Is Free!

After years of behind-the-scenes effort, the ultra-high resolution 3D scan of the ancient egyptian Nefertiti sculpture has been released to the public. We have the story of how it happened.


The SLM Solutions Story

SLM Solutions traces its history back to the history of SLM 3D printing and is looking forward to a new chapter in metal additive manufacturing.

$3D printing guidance

Innovators Need Guidance

 When additive manufacturing advisory services companies seamlessly partner with manufacturers and vendors (resellers), we will see mass corporate adoption of 3D printing on both the desktop and the factory floor.


30 Years In 3D Printing: A Chat With EOS

This week, EOS celebrates its 30th anniversary. EOS North America President Glynn Fletcher offers a look into operations and a look ahead in industry.

3D Systems

Final Word: The First 3D Printer

Since we published a story about the invention of 3D printing a few weeks ago, we have had much feedback.

3D printing

The Terminology of Technology

3D printing / additive manufacturing / rapid prototyping — what’s the difference?


A Dire Warning for Museums from Brazil

An unbelievable cultural catastrophe occurred in Rio de Janeiro, when the country’s national museum caught fire and destroyed all. 

3D Printing: The Story So Far

3D Printing: The Story So Far

As today is our tenth anniversary I felt it wise to do a recap –  of everything that’s happened in 3D printing over the past decades. 

3D Systems

An Ode to the Now-Departed Cube

I’ve just noticed that 3D Systems discontinued their final Cube 3D printer earlier this year, a milestone of sorts. 


A Reminder To 3D Scan BEFORE Disassembly

A 3D model of the now-mostly-destroyed Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria suggests action be taken to capture 3D objects before they’re torn down. 


The 3D Nefertiti Hack

A clandestine group has secretly 3D scanned the famous Nefertiti sculpture at the Neues Museum in Berlin – and released the scan publicly! 


Design of the Week: Ötzi

This week’s selection is the incredible 3D printed reproduction of Ötzi, by Materialise, DNALC and artist Gary Staab.


We Live In That 3D Printed Future

A routine press release from Ultimaker with some new product videos got us thinking hard about what’s been happening over the past few years. 


Everyone Needs an Ancestro3D

Mexico-based Ideaz 3D is attempting to develop a very unique 3D print application, Ancestro3D.


Capturing Die Viktoria

This is the true story of how a massive 19th century German sculpture made its way into our 3D printers. 


Through a Scanner Fails, Then Succeeds

You might recall the Kickstarter project of one Cosmo Wenman of San Diego, who attempted to raise funds for a project to produce freely downloadable


Ancient Tudor Sculptures 3D Printed

First they were 3D scanned, then they were 3D printed.   Researchers at the University of Leicester, University of Oxford and Yale worked together to


3D Printing The Radioactive Bomber Cam

Fabbaloo friend Patrick Letourneau recently completed a unique photography project enabled by 3D printing. The Bomber Cam is a hybrid camera made from an actual


A Whale of a 3D Print

It was near the end of a South American expedition for Smithsonian Natural History Museum’s Nicholas D. Pyenson, when he learned fossil whales had been


King’s Resting Place Recreated by 3D Printing

By all accounts, King Richard III’s reign was relatively unproductive.  Modern historians believe that this was mostly due to the dynastic struggle that we now


Rapid Prototyping Reveals Evolutionary Clues

Over at Scientific American’s Observations blog, Kate Wong has an interesting piece about paleoanthropologists using 3D printers to help recreate the skeleton of one of


Saving The Past With The Future

Peter at RepRap Central tells a story some of us have lived through, although not nearly as dramatic. The story involves Malcolm Messiter, whose decades-old

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