3D Printed Pumping Iron

3D Printed Pumping Iron

Charles R. Goulding and Adam Friedman pump up the use of 3D printing to take a look at gym equipment.

Growing A 3D Printed Garden

Growing A 3D Printed Garden

Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi delve into the charming world of gardening – with a 3D printing twist.


What Is A Consumer 3D Printer?

What is a consumer 3D printer? Is it a DIY device? What characteristics might describe a 3D printer for hobbyists? We have a list of features.


Omni3D’s Many 3D Printers

You may not have heard of Omni3D, but you should. They offer not one, but FOUR different personal 3D printers. 


Sharebot’s NG 3D Printer

Sharebot released it’s latest personal 3D printer, the “NG” and we took a look at it. 

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