IKEA Brings 3D Printing Back Home

IKEA Brings 3D Printing Back Home

Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi consider some of the homey and 3D printed touches possible with IKEA furniture and accessories.


American Standard Now 3D Prints Faucets

You never know where to expect the next 3D printed innovation, but this time it’s the kitchen and bathroom, where American Standard now provides a line of 3D printed faucets. 


Another 3D Printer Emerges from the Junk Pile

Earlier we posted a report on Michael Ball’s adventure designing and building a working 3D printer from leftover components. We were contacted by another maker who’s done the same thing. 


Making a 3D Printer Out of Junk

These days the focus has been on increasingly sophisticated, pre-assembled shiny 3D printers that work out of the box. But what if you wanted to build one from scrap?

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