LulzBot Adds 1.75mm Filament Support

LulzBot Adds 1.75mm Filament Support

We’ve just heard that FAME 3D, the new owners of LulzBot, have made a deal to provide 1.75mm filament support for LulzBot 3D printers.

b3 innovations

Pico Hybrid Hot End Arrives!

Metaform is about to launch a very powerful hybrid 3D printer hot end that is not only very tiny, but can 3D print both flexible and higher temperature materials.


The Copperhead 3D Printer Hot End

Slice Engineering has developed a new, highly efficient hot end that could be very suitable for use in high temperature 3D printing applications.


Design of the Week: Giant Hot End

Have you ever wondered what is inside a 3D printer hot end? How does it soften plastic filament? This breakaway 3D model shows you how.


What’s In E3D-Online’s Mystery Boxes?

E3D-Online produces some of the highest-quality 3D printer components used in the industry, and now you can obtain a batch of them at very low cost.

$E3D-Online Story

E3D-Online’s Origin Story

We had a chat with E3D-Online co-founder Sanjay Mortimer to find out more about the company.

$nozzle removal tool

The ZCatch Nozzle Removal Tool

The ZCatch nozzle removal tool should be a tool found in every 3D printer operator’s toolbox.

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