Implications of The Dyndrite – HP Partnership

Implications of The Dyndrite – HP Partnership

There could be some profound implications coming for additive manufacturing, after a review of the newly announced HP Universal Build Manager, which is powered by Dyndrite.


Clara Remacha: “I Don’t Think Any Of Us Imagined The Impact”

Clara Remacha is a Strategic Accounts Project Manager for HP’s 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing business, where she is responsible for working with customers to drive production applications in large scale additive manufacturing using HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.


HP Inc. Escapes To New Opportunities

Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi dig into post-Xerox-bid HP and what that future might look like from the 3D printing perspective.


HP Launches 3DaaS Plus

HP has just introduced a new pay-per-use 3D printing subscription model.

How Is HP 3D Printing Responding To COVID-19?

As more 3D printing companies around the world mobilize their resources to help in pandemic, HP shares their plans of action for their digital manufacturing business.


Xometry’s Unusual Vibratory Test

Xometry performed an unusual test of many 3D prints using different materials and processes. The results were surprising.


Xerox On The Hunt For HP

A report on CNN indicates Xerox is launching a hostile takeover bid for HP. If this succeeds, what effect would happen on their respective 3D print ventures?


Could 3D Printing Save The Automotive Industry?

HP’s metal 3D printing work with Volkswagen portends a 3D printed future for automakers seeking to catch up in the race to produce electric vehicles.


Trends and Impressions of Formnext 2019

Formnext 2019 was the largest 3D printing event ever held in history. We list the top trends seen at the growing trade show.

$3D Printing In Education

How Universities Can Accelerate Our Next Generation of Innovators

As with other leaps forward in science, technology, industry and culture, universities will play a central role in driving the Industry 4.0 disruption by transforming the entire culture of design and creating a new breed of 3D innovators.

$Materialise partnerships

Materialise Strategizes Collaborations

Saying “Materialise focuses on collaboration” is a bit like saying “rain is wet” these days, but the prolific company continues its deluge of co-creation announcements.

binder jet

Waiting For Xerox

As industrial interest in 3D printing grows exponentially, new players are sure to arrive. One of them is likely to be Xerox.

3D Systems

What Must 3D Systems Do To Thrive?

Given 3D Systems’ most recent financial results, some serious thought must be put into their strategies.


10 Million MJF Parts

Last year alone, HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology was used to make more than 10 million parts.


Empowering Diversity in Digital Manufacturing

This International Women’s Day, I am excited by the promise of this technology transformation to tackle problems in new ways, powered by a more diverse and inclusive workforce.


Meeting Metal Jet

Metal Jet took center stage at IMTS.


Designing for production parts

How do we get to tomorrow, to use 3D Printing for true Manufacturing applications through to production?


HP Steps into Custom Footwear with 3D Printing, Scanning

After making a splash and swimming around a bit with its Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing technology, HP is now stepping into the custom footwear race with a new 3D scanning solution dubbed the FitStation. 


HP’s Changing Properties in Materials

HP’s 3D Open Materials and Applications Lab, is a 3,500 square-foot space where 3D materials partners can jumpstart product development, test new materials and get real-time feedback from engineers.


HP is 3D Printing Their Own 3D Printer

It was revealed that HP’s new industrial 3D printer, the Jet Fusion 3D 3200, includes a large number of 3D printed parts itself.


A Review of TCT Show 2016

The TCT Show, this year boasting its 21st edition, continues to go from strength to strength. 

3D Systems

So HP Won’t Be Buying 3D Systems?

A report from Citigroup on Investors Business Daily declares that HP won’t be buying 3D Systems. Or would they? 


Will HP’s New MJF 3D Printing Venture Succeed?

We’re reading an interesting post from Jeff Rowe at MCADCafe where he speculates on the future of HP’s 3D printing venture. We agree with many of this points.  


HP’s New 3D Printing Process

Finally, after literally years of speculation and rumor, HP took to a stage today and announced something about 3D printing. 

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