Shapeways Take on Mass Customization

We read a very interesting take on the future of mass customization from the Shapeways blog, in which they propose a future vision of 3D


Shapeways Enters the Bronze Age

An interesting announcement from Shapeways this week says they are offering bronze prints of their popular Ringpoem model for the first time ever. The catch?


Better Than Cheap

  Intent Design, a UK-based design firm specializing in retail environments recently acquired a Z Corp ZPrinter 450. As readers will recall, the 450 is

Are 3D Skills Mandatory?

Fabbaloo readers are likely quite familiar with 3D concepts, including the idea of a digital representation of an object stored as a model, printing of


Gateway to the Fourth Dimension

No, it’s not another Stargate, but Richard Jin postulates on the manner of depicting the elusive Fourth Dimension in a thought-provoking article, and his ideas


Do We Really Need 3D Printing?

Of course we do! We at Fabbaloo would have little to write about otherwise. However, there are those who may think otherwise. We’ve been looking


The Sarrus Linkage

Forest Higgs posts an interesting approach to a key problem in building a self-replicating 3D printer. This of course, is the main objective of the


Dreaming of 3D Food

We’ve written on the concept of a chocolate printer, and others have produced candy objects, and perhaps even eaten them. But blogger Andy Skeleton goes

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