Fabric Nets Injected with Expanding Foam

In this modern age of everything-looks-the-same DIY furniture, it makes sense that some people want to make something unique to stand out from their friends’ IKEA apartment fixtures.


Carbon’s Comfy Strategy

Carbon announced additional partnerships recently, but it seems to be a part of a larger strategy for business expansion.


The Fabricatus Desktop Engineering 3D Printer

An entirely new desktop 3D printer designed for engineering use, specifically for injection molds, has been announced today by Avante Technology. 


Has 3d-figo Figured Out How To 3D Print Any Material?

In a very tiny booth on the left side of the FormNext exhibition was a display from a one-person company that just may have figured out a monstrous breakthrough in 3D printing. 


The Case For Adding Injection Molding Capability

Readers of this blog are by definition interested in 3D printing, but there are other ways to manufacture objects. One of them worth considering is injection molding. 

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