A $59 3D Printer?

The 3DFORT is an ultra-low-cost desktop 3D printer on Kickstarter. We have some thoughts on this development.


The Curious IVI 3D Printer

I’m looking at some details on an upcoming 3D printer that seems too good to believe.


Rethinking Helmets

Helmets are imperative for head protection — but only when they work.


Recent Kickstarter 3D Printer Successes

There’s been lots of bad news regarding inexpensive 3D printers appearing on Kickstarter, but there have been some successes, at least from the funding standpoint. 


Tiko 3D Buyers to be Rescued by M3D?

Earlier today we wrote on the ill-fated Tiko 3D project, which went into “hibernation” yesterday. Now we find that M3D wants to help. 


Pirate3D’s Booty

Pirate3D’s crowdfunded launch of their inexpensive Buccaneer personal 3D printer was a success mere minutes after it opened, but how did it end?    Their


The EZ3D Desktop Printer

Another 3D printer project is listed on Kickstarter: The EZ3D Desktop Printer. The project expires today and unfortunately it appears that it will not achieve


The RigidBot 3D Printer

Another 3D printer startup has shown up on Kickstarter: The RigidBot by Michael Lundwall of Utah. As there are so many small 3D printer startups


The B9Creator Returns

Readers may recall the hugely successful B9Creator 3D printer kit Kickstarter project last year: it raised a ridiculous USD$513,422 to develop a revolutionary personal 3D


The DeltaMaker 3D Printer

Aha! Another Kickstarter project has launched the DeltaMaker 3D printer. Recent 3D printer launches on Kickstarter have suffered from an inability to distinguish themselves from


Design of the Week: Anatomica di Revolutis

This week’s design is Anatomica di Revolutis by Chicago’s Joshua Harker. You may recall Harker as the artist who showed the world how to get


The BukoBot 3D Printer

Yet another 3D printer kit has appeared on KickStarter, the Bukobot 3D printer by Diego Porqueras of Pasadena, California. As there have been many such


The Indymaker Color 3D Printer

Finally – we’ve been waiting for this! Maker Doug Keenan of Indianapolis has designed a personal 3D printer that has a very unique feature: Four


Printrbot Exemplifies Ingenuity

We’ve seen a series of experimental personal 3D printers emerge over the past year, some on the KickStarter online funding service. Each experiment has an


Crania Anatomica Filigre Results

KickStarter, the crowdsourced fundraising site continues to amaze us. As does this particular project, Crania Anatomica Filigre. As you can see, it’s an extremely cool

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