ZMorph Ups Laser Engraving Capabilities

Multi-functional 3D printers offer just that — multiple functions. As the technologies progress, so do the capabilities possible for desktop fabrication.


Sharebot Entering The Metal 3D Printing Arena

Sharebot has taken a big step into the world of metal 3D printing with the introduction of their new MetalONE metal 3D printer, which is designed for R&D use.


Xact Metal Tunes Up Their Metal 3D Printing Tech

Xact Metal has incorporated several new features into their line of metal 3D printers that should speed up the system significantly, yet keep the price quite low.

$snapmaker kickstarter

Snapmaker 2.0 Raises The Most

Snapmaker completed their recent Kickstarter campaign with astonishing results.


The Curious IVI 3D Printer

I’m looking at some details on an upcoming 3D printer that seems too good to believe.


Xact Metal Pivots

Metal 3D printing startup Xact Metal has done a slight pivot on their path to success.


An Update on the LumiPocket LT

It was approximately two years ago that the LumiPocket LT Personal Fabricotor launched, but it was only this year that the product shipped in volume to clients. 


What to Make of the Snapmaker?

The Snapmaker is a very low cost desktop 3D printer that has now raised a great deal of money, but is this a good thing?


Building a Sand Printer with a Laser Cutter

California-based William Osman has been experimenting with a homemade sand-fusion system based on a laser cutter that could eventually become a full 3D printer. 


The Versa3D is at a Different Level

A few 3D printer manufacturers have integrated different making tools into their devices, but the new Versa3D from CreateAll seems to go a lot farther. 


Homemade Stereo Lithography

Maker Rob Hopeless developed a primitive stereo lithography 3D printer. For those unfamiliar with “SLA”, it’s a 3D printing technique involving shooting a laser beam

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