Leapfrog Introduces the Creatr HS Lite

Netherlands-based 3D printer manufacturer Leapfrog introduced the Creatr HS Lite, a new machine that fills a gap in their product line. 


Leapfrog Gets a New HQ

Netherlands-based 3D printer manufacturer Leapfrog has made the jump into a new headquarters.


Leapfrog’s Selling Simplify3D

We managed to get a close look at the new version of Simplify3D software today, courtesy of Mathijs Kossen of Leapfrog 3D Printers. Leapfrog is


Leapfrog Introduces Improved PVA Material

Leapfrog 3D printers introduced a new type of PVA filament for 3D printing that, according to them, “actually works”.     PVA is a different


Leapfrog’s 3D Printers

Leapfrog offers not one, but two different low-cost 3D printers: the Creatr and the Xeed.    First, let’s check out the Creatr. It’s a USD$1500

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