$maker media bankrupt

MAKE Rises From The Dead, Slightly

Is Make: really revived? Maker Media CEO Dale Dougherty is attempting to restore the company that published Make: magazine and organized the Maker Faires.

$maker faire bankrupt

Maker Media Shuts Operations

Maker Media, creator of the Maker Faire events and MAKE: magazine, has ceased operations and laid off all staff.

MAKE Makes a MakerGear

There are two kinds of personal 3D printer owners these days: those who like to build the printer from a kit and those who’d rather

Definitive Guide Complete?

Make Magazine has produced a complete list of open source hardware projects, ranging in categories from 3D Printing, Arduino, Clocks, Development Platforms, Green Energy, Games,

MAKE Makes a Character

Shapeways provides a wonderful and simple way to create many types of objects. Their software does have restrictions, but don’t fret – you can always

Geometric 3D Art

Bathsheba Grossman is an artist that specializes in that geometric zone where art, science and mathematics link together. She produces very unique designs, and many


3D Science Fiction

Wouldn’t anyone like a boss like Phillip Torrone’s? The drafter had access to a Spectrum Z510 3D Printer at work, and his boss let him

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