EMBARGO 18 11ET Aug MakerBot Announces MakerBot CloudPrint

MakerBot Announces MakerBot CloudPrint

MakerBot announced a new service called MakerBot CloudPrint, which is intended to deliver a seamless 3D printing experience to clients.


More Engineering Materials From MakerBot

MakerBot announced the availability of two new materials for their METHOD X platform, including PC-ABS and a fire-resistant version.


MakerBot Fills In The Materials Gap

MakerBot has bridged their materials gap with a new program that partners with multiple 3D printing materials providers.

3d model

Prusa Takes Aim At Thingiverse

Prusa Research seems to be taking aim at capturing the crown of 3D model repositories from Thingiverse with the help of a one-touch import tool.

aleph objects

Thoughts on LulzBot’s Near-Demise

With the near-demise of LulzBot 3D printers, I am now wondering about the future of open source 3D printer companies. Can they ever succeed again?

$makerbot's nadav goshen

Not Your Average MakerBot

We had a long chat with MakerBot CEO Nadav Goshen about the current state of the company and its products.


The Method Behind the Method

Continuing a chat with MakerBot’s CEO and VP of Engineering, we turn to more particulars on the new Method 3D printer.


MakerBot Relaunches Experimental Mode

MakerBot has just announced a very interesting new program they call MakerBot Labs, which harkens back to their origins. 


Did Stratasys Just Kill MakerBot?

This week 3D printing behemoth Stratasys announced a very powerful new concept for array 3D printing. But what might it do to their subsidiary, MakerBot?

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A 3D Print Newbie Tries Out MakerBot’s Replicator+

When I was asked if I would mind reviewing a 3D printer from a new user perspective, tt took me all of a few seconds to agree to the testing and then counted down the days for the printer to arrive. 

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Hands on with the Replicator+: Part Three, Operations

After a very long wait, MakerBot recently released a new 3D printer, the Replicator+. We had an opportunity to give it a good test. This is part 3, read part 1 and part 2 here. 

hands on

Hands on with the Replicator+: Part Two, Software

After a very long wait, MakerBot recently released a new 3D printer, the Replicator+. We had an opportunity to give it a good test. This is part 2, read part 1 here. 


What’s Up With the Terms of Use for the New MakerBot Print Software?

Just last week, MakerBot announced a new product lineup—hardware and software included—geared towards professionals and educators that MakerBot CEO Jonathan Jaglom said was the result of a “cultural shift” at the company as they gained further insight into the specific needs of the professional market.


MakerBot Gets A Huge Sales Boost

Stratasys announced a long-awaited cross-selling arrangement between its desktop and industrial lines, setting the stage for a potentially large boost in sales. 


MakerBot Speeds Up 3D Printing?

MakerBot released an update to their slicing software, MakerBot Desktop, which they say can significantly speed up 3D printing. 


Thingiverse Hits The Biggest Milestone

MakerBot’s in-house 3D model repository made history this week by achieving what no other 3D printable model site has done: one million models!


Layoffs At MakerBot: Good News or Bad?

A post on MakerBot’s blog by CEO Jonathan Jaglom describes some “significant changes” happening today at the personal 3D printer manufacturer. 


MakerBot’s Jaglom Speaks with Adafruit

MakerBot’s new CEO sat down with Adafruit’s LadyAda (a.k.a. Limor Fried), who asked some pointed questions about the new paths being taken by the 3D printer manufacturer. 


What’s Happening At MakerBot?

A meteoric rise from nothing, corporate acquisition, management changes, layoffs and a new CEO. An interview with the new chief by Medium tells us about MakerBot’s plans. 


MakerBot’s New Service Strategy

MakerBot announced the creation of eight “Authorized ServiceCenters” in Europe. How does this fit into their strategy?


A Dark Day at MakerBot

Yesterday things happened at MakerBot. Layoffs. Closings.


MakerBot’s Ready Apps

MakerBot has formalized their “customizer” capability in Thingiverse in a collection of “ready to go” applications that can quickly generate specific 3D models. 

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