EMBARGO 18 11ET Aug MakerBot Announces MakerBot CloudPrint

MakerBot Announces MakerBot CloudPrint

MakerBot announced a new service called MakerBot CloudPrint, which is intended to deliver a seamless 3D printing experience to clients.


AstroPrint Announces Education Plan

AstroPrint announced a new service dedicated to education, Astroprint For Education. The service allows an institution to effectively manage 3D printers in schools.

aleph objects

The End Of LulzBot (?)

Is this the end of Aleph Objects as we’ve known it? Yes and no.


MakerOS Receives Funding

We haven’t heard much from MakerOS over the past couple of years, but they have big news today.


LPW Acquired by Carpenter

Leading metal 3D printing powder specialist LPW has been acquired by Carpenter Technology Corporation.


LPW’s Unique 3D Metal Materials Strategy

There are a great deal of metal powder manufacturers these days, each ready to supply metal powder to 3D metal printers. But one is doing something a bit different. 


MakerOS Introduces a Very Needed Feature

MakerOS is an online service that provides a number of management functions to those operating 3D printing businesses. Now they’ve introduced a key function. 


The News From MakerOS

In the past year MakerOS has grown significantly and upgraded their system. 


Every Pro Maker Needs MakerOS

The world of 3D printing is a lot more than just the hardware; multiple supporting services have emerged to support the ecosystem, including one dedicated to professional makers: MakerOS.


Are You Overflowing With 3D Models?

To use a 3D printer, you must have 3D models. But wait, exactly how many do you have? Probably far too many to keep track of. 

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