The Role of Hybrid Manufacturing in 3D Printing

Between the worlds of CNC machining and additive manufacturing (AM), there lies a bridge technology referred to as hybrid manufacturing.  Hybrid systems combine both production


Meet the EU’s LASSIM Project

The EU is sponsoring a project that is attempting to create the “world’s largest hybrid manufacturing machine”. 


Type A Machines Steps on the Gas

Professional desktop 3D printer manufacturer Type A Machines announced an interesting contract manufacturing relationship that could indicate their plans. 


One on One With Mcor’s Conor MacCormack, Part 2

We had the rare opportunity to sit down with Mcor Technology’s CEO, Conor MacCormack at CES and find out what’s been happening with the company in recent months. 


One on One With Mcor’s Conor MacCormack, Part 1

We had the rare opportunity to sit down with Mcor Technology’s CEO, Conor MacCormack at CES and find out what’s been happening with the company in recent months. 


A Big Perspective On BigRep

We’ve been following the development of BigRep for some time now, and at this point the company is a significant player in the 3D space. 


The Factory of the Future is Here. Are you ready?

At first blush, the factory of the future sounds like an airy concept. But the factory of the future is an idea that’s been around for a long time, and its actuality is being created right now. 


3ntr’s Industrial 3D Printers Enter the U.S. via Plural AM

For quite some time, the only manufacturer of industrial thermoplastic extrusion, or fused deposition modeling (FDM), 3D printers was Stratasys, a leader in the 3D printing space that only became more powerful after merging with Israel’s Objet in 2012. 


3D Printing and the Future of Manufacturing

3D printing has changed production processes for the better and has transformed what was originally a prototyping tool into one that engineering firms now utilize to make final products, too. 


Jazz Musician Needs 3D Printing Assistance

Musician Paul Hirsch has been developing a new type of “wholetone-tuned panpipe”, but now requires assistance to determine how to 3D print them in production form. 


3D Printing or Injection Molding?

This could be the question if you’re thinking of making many copies of an object: Should you 3D print or injection mold.


Uncovered: 4 AXYZ’s Secret 3D Wood Machine

For some time now we’ve been hearing rumors of a mysterious “wood machine” from a mysterious company called “4 AXYZ”. Now we know a lot more about it. 


Ultra-Fast 3D Printing?

A surprise announcement from ORNL and Cincinnati Incorporated hopes to revolutionize 3D printed manufacturing. But how? 

33D Printshow

Confirming the Other Half of 3D Printing

The science of 3D printing was conceived some 30 years ago with intentions of becoming a new form of manufacturing. By 2014, that’s clearly happened. But after attending the opening event of NYC’s first 3D Printshow last night, we have another thought. 


Sculpteo’s Factory Button

If you’ve been learning about 3D printing, you’ll know that the best things to print are those that are one-offs. Unique, custom items that are


What Does A Big Company Do With 3D Printing?

We’re reading a very interesting interview by Joris Peels, who spoke to Prabhjot Sing, General Electric’s Manager of GE Additive Manufacturing Lab at GE Global


Battle of the 3D Printer Manufacturers

The opening of MakerBot’s new factory has us wondering about their main competition’s manufacturing capability. 3D System’s Cube is now selling at Staples online shop,


U.S. Losing its Edge in Additive Manufacturing?

For the last few decades, American companies have dominated and advanced the field of additive manufacturing to its current state. However, in a recent report


Manufacturing in 3D Printing’s Future?

We’re reading a post by Joel Hans, managing editor of where he postulates the future of 3D printing in manufacturing plants. This got us


Advanced Manufacturing Seminars

If you happen to be in Anaheim, California in mid-February (and who wouldn’t?) you might want to check out the Advanced Manufacturing Seminar conference, taking


Knocking off a few Gas Stations…

I’m guilty of conceiving elaborate plans and trying to make them perfect from the start. Seeing this, my father once said to me, “Son, you


How Will 3DP Affect Your City?

An interesting piece in the Houston Business Journal written by Molly Ryan contemplates the effect of 3D printing on the city of Houston’s manufacturing sector. 


China Concerned About 3D Printing?

We know the vision: consumer owns an advanced 3D printer. They buy 3D designs online and print out their desired objects onsite within moments. Ta


Additive or Subtractive?

Something struck us the other day when thinking about the variety of 3D printing approaches. Traditional manufacturing is typically “subtractive”, in that you take a


Specialized 3D Bikes

Those ultra-cool bikes from manufacturer Specialized made from carbon fibre just don’t appear. They’re designed very carefully – using 3D printing technology.   The process

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