Jabil Introduces Engineered Materials

Product solutions mainstay Jabil introduces its next step forward in industrializing 3D printing: Engineered Materials.


Hacking The uPrint

Stratasys’ uPrint is one of the classic 3D printers, but these days some operators use it in unusual ways.


The Mysterious Origin

I’m looking at a 3D printing startup that recently emerged from stealth mode, Origin.


Ultimaker Continues to Open Up 3D Printing

From hobby to profession, from toy to tool, 3D printing is growing up — and Dutch desktop 3D printer mainstay Ultimaker is not only watching that growth, but helping to drive it.


TRUE Food Safe PLA is introducing a new food-safe line of 3D printing filament.


What Filament Should I Use?

With the dramatic increase of 3D print material availability, the choice of filament becomes far more difficult. 

More on Kimya’s Transformation

Last week we wrote on the benefits of having an easily searchable 3D printing company name, but we ended up finding out a lot more about one company. 

3D Printable Glass?

Research from the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie suggests the possibility of cold 3D printed glass objects. 

Could We Propose Thermoelectric Filament?

I’m reading some interesting research from MIT researchers, who have developed a substance with vastly improved thermoelectric properties. 


Senvol Joins The US Navy

Senvol has contracted with the US Navy to develop very powerful 3D printing software. 


Should We 3D Print PVC?

There are an increasing number of thermoplastics that can be 3D printed recently, and one of them is PVC. 


3D Printers as Material Generators?

I’m reading some research from last month where a new process was used to create graphene, but there are some other implications of the discovery. 


Can You Really 3D Print ANY Material?

The notion of buying a desktop 3D printer that is sufficiently flexible to print in many materials isn’t enough. 


Stratasys’ Online Store

Stratasys made a bit of a splash with their online materials store this past week. 


Beyond the New 3D Printing Materials

The era of extremely limited 3D printer material selection seems to be ending, but what might the next materials challenge become?


Waiting for Transparent Aluminum 3D Printers

Among the infinite variety of materials in our world is a very peculiar substance known as Aluminium oxynitride, or as some call it, transparent aluminum. 

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