3D Printing the Strongest Steel

The US Air Force, in concert with scientists from Texas A&M University, developed a novel way of 3D printing the strongest type of steel.


Design of the Week: Gripping Gears

This week’s selection is the amazing Gripping Gears by Henry Segerman, Will Segerman and Sabetta Matsumoto.

$Golden Ratio

Book of the Week: The Golden Ratio

Have you ever heard of the Golden Ratio? This incredible mathematical number is all around you, and a new book explains its history and importance.


3D Printing for Math Professors and You, Too

We’re looking at a PDF, strangely stored on Thingiverse, where one normally finds 3D models. The PDF is an academic document entitled, “3D Printing for


Virtox’s Adjustable Quark Jewelry

We’re looking at Virtox’s Quark Jewelry as shown on their MixeeLabs page. While it appears to be merely 3D prints for a geometric jewelry piece,

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