X-Ray 3D Printing!

X-Ray 3D Printing!

Researchers have developed a method for 3D printing microstructures using X-rays.


High Speed Micro-Voxel 3D Printing Achieved

Researchers have been able to design a new 3D printing system that effectively parallelizes the familiar two-photon laser approach to achieve fantastic print speeds.


A Resin for 3D Printed Microelectronics

Researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and C-MET have developed a specialized resin that is suitable for 3D printing electronics at a microscopic scale. 


Microscopic 3D Printer

Numerous readers pointed us to a post by the Vienna University of Technology who recently made a very significant breakthrough in microscopic 3D printing. What


Microscopic 3D Models

We’re always looking for new sources of 3D models to print, and we found another potential source: microscopic imaging. Scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical


Wanted: Micro-Robotic Fabrication Swarms

No kidding – the US Navy has put out a small business technology transfer solicitation (or STTR as they acronymize it) for proposals to “Develop


Ultra-Micro 3D Printing

We’ve been examining the work of EoPlex, a manufacturer that uses a proprietary 3D print technology to produce astonishingly tiny devices and structures, typically for


Microscopic Bacteria-Based 3D Printing

We didn’t see this one coming: corralling a herd of Magnetotactic bacteria to build a 3D pyramid.    The process works due to the amazing

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