3D Printing the Strongest Steel

The US Air Force, in concert with scientists from Texas A&M University, developed a novel way of 3D printing the strongest type of steel.


SPEE3D Deployed To Australian Military

SPEE3D is placing their supersonic 3D printer in the Australian military to test its ability to 3D print metal parts in remote locations.

$TAZ 6 In The Military

Is The TAZ 6 Bombproof?

We learned something very interesting about the LulzBot TAZ 6.


Military Use of 3D Printing

The July/August 2014 issue of Army Technology’s focus is 3D printing. We took a look through the issue to see what they’re up to. 


US Army To 3D Print Warheads

Motherboard reports the US army has been investigating use of 3D printing to optimize warhead design.  


Battlefield 3D Printing

In Afghanistan the US Army has deployed the first of several USD$2.8M mobile prototyping labs. These container-sized labs house 3D printers and CNC machines capable

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