HP Launches 3DaaS Plus

HP has just introduced a new pay-per-use 3D printing subscription model.

$Selecting a 3D Print Process

Choosing The Best 3D Printing Process

Need to select a 3D printing process for an additive manufacturing project? These videos explain the major differences between SLS, FDM, SLA, MJF and more.

$neon colored 3D prints

How Advanced Can 3D Printed Colors Be?

I spoke with DyeMansion’s Chief Customer Officer, Kai Witter, about the company’s new advanced 3D print color systems.


10 Million MJF Parts

Last year alone, HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology was used to make more than 10 million parts.


Rethinking Helmets

Helmets are imperative for head protection — but only when they work.


Will HP’s New MJF 3D Printing Venture Succeed?

We’re reading an interesting post from Jeff Rowe at MCADCafe where he speculates on the future of HP’s 3D printing venture. We agree with many of this points.  


HP’s New 3D Printing Process

Finally, after literally years of speculation and rumor, HP took to a stage today and announced something about 3D printing. 

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