$finding a 3D model

Question of the Week: Swiss Guard Helmet

Need a theatrical prop? Consider 3D printing it; but you will have to find a 3D model to do so. We present several alternatives for doing so.


The 3DAGOGO Model Repository

Another 3D model repository focused on printable 3D models has surfaced: 3DAGOGO.    This service is new and has a very limited set of models

The Bld3r Repository

We bumped into another printable 3D model repository: Bld3r. The site operates as a kind of meta-layer over top of other repositories, but brings it

3D Modeling with Leopoly

A new browser-based 3D modeling tool has emerged: Leopoly. The new service presents simple-to-use methods of creating 3D objects.    Leopoly focuses on the community

GrabCAD’s Tool Challenge

GrabCAD is one of the world’s largest repositories of (mostly CAD) 3D models and one of the largest groups of designers, too (250,000+). This means

Introducing TeamPlatform

Things are advancing from the days of local storage of 3D models and traditional online 3D repositories. Consider TeamPlatform, an online service dedicated to not

Fujitsu Invents 3D CAD Search

Fujitsu has discovered a very interesting technique that we think will be critical to the growth of 3D printing in the future: it’s a method

Bodyworks Human Models

Want to 3D print a person? Need a 3D body model to put your head on? Go no further than Bodyworks – an online store

Autodesk 123D

Autodesk has released a free-for-use true 3D solid modeling software called 123D. The massive 521Mb download is not the only thing you get; there’s also

See It Before You Download It

Content is king once you have a 3D printer. You need things to print, after all! But one of the main repositories for free printable

Idea: What Can I Model For You?

We re-read last week’s post on the new “What Can I Make For You?” service and had an idea. If you recall, the WCIMFY service


Human Brain!

  Admit it: you did something wrong sometime in your life and someone told you: “Get a brain!” Well, now you can! A recent .STL


The RepRap guys (who design and build homemade self-replicating replicators for hobbyist use) have an interesting discussion about online 3D model repositories. The big concern

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