SketchUp Goes Subscription-Only

SketchUp, the 3D tool many of us began learning 3D concepts from, has moved to a subscription payment model.


Behold: Pico CAD

Game developer Johan Peitz posted a tweet recently with an animation of a project he’s working on called Pico CAD, an 8-bit 3D modeling tool.


Book of the Week: Python for 3D Printing

There’s a rather interesting book that can show you how to use Python programming to supercharge your 3D modeling experience for 3D printing.

$Use Blender for 3D Printing

Is Blender 2.8 Suitable for 3D Printing?

Blender is upgraded to v2.8. Does this mean it is suitable for making 3D printable 3D models? We look at the pros and cons of the new software system.

$Source Form

3D Printing From Crowdsourced Data

A new project from Virginia Tech is perhaps the closest we’ve yet come to 3D printing as a Star Trek Replicator.


Dassault Systèmes Moves Closer to Students

Dassault Systèmes, producers of the popular Solidworks 3D modeling system, announced an educational partnership that may suggest something interesting. 


Caboma’s 3D Personalization Solution

Montreal-based Caboma has developed some intriguing software that could lead to more widespread personalized 3D printed items. 


Disney’s Compliant Mechanism System

Entertainment giant Disney has published an interesting study on a system they’ve developed to assist in the design of “compliant objects”, which could be very useful in 3D printing. 


TAC.TILES is a DJ-like Physical Interface for 3D Modeling

As you are well aware, those wonderful 3D models you create each day are traditionally crafted with a mouse, a keyboard, too many mouse clicks and an occasional flinging of the keyboard across the room. 


3D Slash Releases Version 3.0

France-based 3D Slash released a new version of their popular entry-level 3D design tool with some useful features. 


GrabCAD Print Makes Public Debut

Earlier this year, Stratasys announced the launch of a new software for streamlined print management called GrabCAD Print. 


First Glimpse at Vectary Online 3D Modeling Tool

Well, we’ve been waiting a long six months, but we’ve finally received access to Vectary, the highly anticipated, online 3D modeling tool, and we’re all sorts of excited to pop open a browser and see what it can do.


Regional 3D Print Services Emerge

In spite of the efforts of the major 3D printing industry companies to grow their empires around the world, there is still much opportunity for regional players to emerge. 


MeshMixer 3.0 Enables Multi-Material 3D Printing

Autodesk’s 123D team has released version 3.0 of MeshMixer, their free – and amazing – 3D modeling utility. This time, it’s all about multiple materials. 


Hands On With The Morphi App

We’re testing Morphi on one of our lab iPads, and it seems to be a very good introductory 3D modeling tool.


Powerful New Features in Onshape

Web-based 3D CAD service Onshape continues to add new features and fixes almost weekly, but recently a very powerful feature was added: DXF and DWG import. 


A Review of Autodesk’s Tinkerplay

Autodesk have been making a big push into the 3D printing software space, mostly with free software like the fantastic Meshmixer. 


What is a 3D Model, Anyway?

Those new to 3D printing get excited about the ability to print, but may be wondering about this thing called a “3D model”. 


A Look at Onshape

A relatively recent newcomer to the CAD world, Onshape is riding the waves of Cloud computing and aims to set the standard of industrial and product design of the future. 


Hands On With Smoothie-3D

To truly exploit 3D printing technology you need to be able to make your own models.


A Profound MeshMixer Update

MeshMixer 2.8 has been released and it fills a very significant gap in the 123D suite of 3D applications. 

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