The Smithsonian’s 3D Printable Library

It turns out the Smithsonian has a relatively large (for museums) library of downloadable 3D models for 3D printing. We’re trying one now.


A Photogrammetry Survey For You

A researcher wants to know more about how you use photogrammetry, and you can fill out his survey to help a research project.


How Are 3D Prints Used For Design?

What is Design Feedback with 3D Printing? It is a technique used by architects to solve highly complex building construction designs.


What To Do With Thingiverse?

Thingiverse is the largest printable 3D model repository on the planet, but it doesn’t seem to be progressing. We know why.


Testing 3Dfind.it

Today I am testing a new 3D model search service, 3Dfind.it.


The STL.garden

A new project can keep you up to date on the latest publicly available 3D models. 


3DShook’s Unusual 3D Model Discovery Tools

It’s a very tough business these days running a printable 3D model shop, but 3DShook seems to be experimenting with a variety of different shopping methods to overcome the challenges.


Wevolver Is A Different Kind Of Repository

There are countless web-based 3D model repositories, but none are quite like Wevolver, who focus on actually doing practical something with your 3D prints.


Kwambio Launches (Again?)

We received a note from Kwambio who apparently have launched a new 3D model/print service.


Syncky Sells Many 3D Printed Products

Korea-based Syncky is not a 3D model repository, but instead a site where you can order many different 3D printed products. 


La Poste’s Big Step Into 3D Printing

France’s postal service, La Poste just set up a comprehensive 3D model repository to power their network of 3D printers. 


Autodesk Memento Now Available for OS X

If you haven’t tried Autodesk Memento for optical 3D processing, you might want to, especially now that it’s available for both Windows and OS X. 


The Voronator Wants You

Voronization is a tricky process to transform your 3D model into a very complex structure – but now there’s a simple way to do it: The Voronator! 


3DFilemarket Bets on 3D Print Streaming

Most source of 3D content for 3D printing simply sell you a 3D model, but that’s not 3DFilemarket’s strategy. They’re betting on print streaming. 


The Butter Boss’s 3D Print Files

While the vast majority of new manufactured products make use of 3D designs, one project has taken an unusual step with theirs. 


Hiding 3D Print Quality Issues

Does the quality of 3D printers vary among machines? Yes. Is it possible to hide flaws? Also, yes. 


MyStemKits Launches

Today MyStemKits launched on Kickstarter, with the goal of providing effective 3D prints for educators. 


3D Printable Scenery for Gaming

Need a stone wall for your Warhammer game? There’s a store you should check out: Printable Scenery.


3D Print ANY Landscape. Right Now!

Some people like to 3D print landscapes. You know, mountains, rivers, lakes and the rest. But where do you get the 3D data for it? We found a service that can do so. 


Design Your Own 3D Printed Vase

What, you’re not a 3D modeling whiz? Still need a design for a vase? We found a service you can use. 

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