Jazz Musician Needs 3D Printing Assistance

Musician Paul Hirsch has been developing a new type of “wholetone-tuned panpipe”, but now requires assistance to determine how to 3D print them in production form. 


First 3D Printed Album?

A new Kickstarter project proposes to “create the first album recorded entirely on 3D printed instruments.”


Joy Division’s Famous Cover is 3D Printed

The iconic cover for Joy Division’s 1979 hit album Unknown Pleasures has been 3D printed. German designer Michael Zoellner wanted to print Peter Saville’s design,


3D Printed Tonearm; Vinyl Not Dead!

A report on AnalogPlanet details and experimental 3D printed “tonearm”. That’s the piece that holds the “needle” that “reads” a vinyl record on a turntable.


The Zoybar 3D Printed Guitar

It seems there is growing interest in 3D printed musical instruments. After the amazing 3D printed flute  we now see another 3D printed guitar: The


Decades-Old Custom Guitar Scanned

Imagine designing amazingly intricate, one-of-a-kind electric guitar bodies years ago – and now wishing you could document your work while you still can.    Then


Printing Musical Instruments

Tipster Jb pointed us at a video of a rather startling project: Printing a complete musical instrument. In this case, MIT Media Lab researcher Amit


Print Your Guitar

  Every one of us is a specialist in something, and our belief is that great things happen when different specialists intersect to combine the


Radiohead Data Becomes a Head!

About a year ago, Radiohead released a great video of “House of Cards”, much of which was singer Thom Yorke’s face and head illuminated by


More Acoustical Objects

Architectradure reports on yet another experiment with sound making devices produced by 3D printing technology, following up on our recent acoustical post. In this experiment,

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