Roboze Launches Extreme Parts Network

Roboze launched their long-awaited distributed additive manufacturing service, composed of a network of experienced Roboze 3D printer operators.


Makers Making Change

A new organization hopes to link makers with those requiring disability aids with a new service. Learn how to participate.

$DiManEx Spare Parts

DiManEx Provides On-Demand 3D Printed Spare Parts

Do you know what Digital Inventory is? Companies like DiManEx can provide a virtual warehouse of spare parts produced on demand without need for physical storage.

What Is A 3D Print Network To Do Now?

With Solidworks’ announcement of an integrated manufacturing network, questions arise regarding the future of existing community making networks. 


3Diligent Reorganizes

3Diligent is a large 3D printing network focused on professional use, but this week they’ve announced a reorganization.

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