What’s In E3D-Online’s Mystery Boxes?

E3D-Online produces some of the highest-quality 3D printer components used in the industry, and now you can obtain a batch of them at very low cost.

$3D food printing nozzle

A Coaxial 3D Print Extruder?

Ever heard of a coaxial nozzle for 3D printing? This is an experimental version being used for unusual food 3D printing.

$nozzle removal tool

The ZCatch Nozzle Removal Tool

The ZCatch nozzle removal tool should be a tool found in every 3D printer operator’s toolbox.

#The Best Jewelry Design Tools of 2019 - Jewelry D

3D Print Learning Series: Concepts

This is an entry in our 3D Print Learning Series, focusing on 3D print concepts.


Finally: A Nozzle Swap Tool

There’s a new Kickstarter project with a tool that many desktop 3D printer operators could use.


Open Edge’s Strange But Amazing 3D Print Nozzle

Open Edge first appeared years ago when they began with the FoldaRap folding 3D printer, but now they’re on to something quite interesting: a very sophisticated nozzle. 

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