Stratasys Deep Inside GM
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Stratasys Deep Inside GM

Stratasys issued an interesting press release where they describe their activities inside of GM.


Farsoon’s Powder-Eating CAMS System

Farsoon completed customer beta-testing of their powerful HT1001P CAMS nylon 3D printing production system, which can 3D print continuously.


Choose SLS, SLA or SLM 3D Printers From SondaSys

Need a 3D printer manufacturer providing multiple additive manufacturing processes? One option is SondaSys, which provides six machines using three different processes.

carbon fiber

Fiberthree: More Than Materials

Fiberthree is a German company producing several 3D printing products, but focusing mainly on materials.


Formlabs’ Fuse 1 Delayed?

We learned that Formlabs has delayed the release of their highly anticipated Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer.


The VIT SLS 3D Printer

There seems to be another big success on Kickstarter: the VIT SLS 3D printer from Natural Robotics. 

carbon fiber

Markforged Shuffles Product Line

3D printer manufacturer Markforged has introduced a couple of new machines that alters their product lineup considerably.


Ricoh’s Powerful SLS 3D Printing System

To most people, the name “Ricoh” means photocopiers or cameras. Now, the company is hoping that same name will also mean “3D printing”. 


Who Knew? Nylon PLA!

Is it nylon 3D printer filament or PLA. Actually, this product is both!


Sinterit Update

Remember those fellows building a new lower-cost laser-sintering 3D printer? They’ve been quite busy working on Sinterit.


The 2BEIGH3 3D Printer Prints Nylon

The 2BEIGH3 is a 3D printer – but it’s also a CNC machine. This unique (and experimental) design permits both functions within the same device

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