The Objet500 Connex1 3D Printer

Objet’s triple-jetting technology lets the Connex1 3D production system combine as many as three base resins in a single build without assembly or post-processing. 

3d hubs

3D Hubs Adds PolyJet Capability

Community 3D printer network 3D Hubs announced another significant step into the world of commercial 3D print services by adding PolyJet materials.


The Objet350 Connex3

Stratasys’ Objet350 Connex3 is a mid-sized PolyJet printer that can be used for a wide variety of applications including functional prototypes, marketing, jig and fixtures and much more.


The Stratasys Objet 24 3D Printer

Using PolyJet 3D printing technology, the Objet24 features 28µ print layers and a 240 mm x 200 mm x 150 mm (9.45 in. x 7.87 in. x 5.9 in.) tray size.


A 3D Printed Movie Character Collection

At this year’s 3D Printshow we were excited to visit the large display of 3D prints by Legacy Effects. If you don’t know about Legacy


Autodesk’s 3D Print Utility

Autodesk has released yet another 3D print-friendly free tool, the 3D Print Utility. Autodesk has been punching out many different free 3D tools in the


Stratasys Completes Merger with Objet

After an overly long journey through regulations and legalities, two 3D printing industry giants Objet and Stratasys have completed their merger.    The new company,


Objet’s New 1000

Perhaps the “biggest” announcement at Euromold was Objet’s new “Wide Format” 3D printer, the Objet 1000. Indeed, it is truly massive, as you can see


Objet Adds to its List of Materials

3D Printer maker Objet Geometries announced new additions to its now massive selection of materials available to its 3D printers. The new additions include a

Objet’s Flexy Materials

An interesting video from Objet shows off many of their latest materials. While many Fabbaloo readers have 3D printers capable of printing in hard plastic,


Design of the Week: Flux

This week’s selection is Flux by artist Daniel Hilldrup. This fascinating piece is obviously quite simple in its exterior structure, but it’s interior is far


MIB 3’s 3D Printed Weaponry

Did you ever wonder where the amazing weapons in the MIB movies come from? They are prototyped using 3D printing by Moddler, a custom 3D


Objet Hits 107!

3D printer manufacturer Objet is well known for their extensive list of different materials that you can use in their line of 3D printers. But


The Importance of Clear

We’ve been fortunate to be able to examine some 3D printed objects from Objet in their Vero Clear material first hand. While we’ve seen clear


The Objet Color Mystery: Solved

As we wrote the other week, some startling 3D prints were put on display in Paris’ Pompidou Centre. Startling not only because of their intricate


Objet Announces the Objet 30 Pro

The mystery is no longer: Objet indeed announced a new printer, the Objet 30 Pro.    At first glance the Objet Pro 30 is much


A New 3D Printer From Objet?

There’s something brewing at Objet, makers of the Connex line of commercial 3D printers. First we saw a mysterious art exhibition of color objects apparently


The Secret Color Process

As much as we’d like to have attended Neri Oxman’s talk at Centre Pompidou in Paris the other day, we were simply unable to get


Massive News: Objet and Stratasys Merge

Stratasys announced they’ve merged with the largest remaining large commercial 3D printer manufacturer, Objet of Israel, creating the now-largest 3D printing company with a market


Print The Eiffel

A post on Objet’s blog shows off a totally amazing 3D print of Paris’ Eiffel Tower. This 20+ cm version is highly detailed and is


An Introduction to Dental 3D Printing

Many of our readers are operate or are keenly interested in personal 3D printers, but they are also aware that 3D printing was originally used


Hilldrup’s Fragments in Time

We caught news of an interesting artistic application of 3D printing, on display this past week in Munich at the 84Ghz exhibition. Artist Daniel Hilldrup


Win an Objet 3D Printer

There seems to be a great many 3D printing contests lately, often offering a prize of “your object being 3D printed”. Some even offer a


A 3D Marriage Proposal

Sometimes it’s what you do after work that counts. Objet sales engineer Idan Eshel had access to some amazing 3D printer gear and decided to


Get a Free Car From Objet!

Objet, one of the major manufacturers of commercial 3D printers, is offering a complete car at no charge. Well, it’s not a *real* car, it’s


Imagined Shopping For 3D Printer Materials

Objet just announced another amazing material for their Connex and Eden 3D printers. This new material, called “High Temperature Material”, not surprisingly provides 3D prints


Objet’s Clear Bio-Material

Commercial 3D printer manufacturer Objet has released a new very interesting print material: MED610, which is a transparent bio-compatible substance. You might think that making


The V&A Goes 3D

If you’re visiting London soon, we’d recommend you spend some time at the Victoria and Albert Museum, home of incredible deisgns of all kinds. Typically


Objet Prints a Toddler!

Most of a toddler, that is. They’ve used their unique multi-material 3D printing capability to print the upper half of a human toddler. As you


Sit On Objet’s 3D Printed Chair

It’s always totally amazing to pull a new item out of a 3D printer, but it’s even more amazing when it has moving parts and


Objet Displays Amazing New Materials

At the recent Plastics Design and Moulding show in London we met with Tim Smith of Tri-Tech, who demonstrated some of Objet’s amazing new materials.


Printing Musical Instruments

Tipster Jb pointed us at a video of a rather startling project: Printing a complete musical instrument. In this case, MIT Media Lab researcher Amit


Treating Clubfoot, One Print At A Time

According to Wikipedia, Clubfoot is a “congenital deformity involving one foot or both”. You might not realize this, but clubfoot occurs naturally in approximately one


Objet Launches Two More 3D Printers

Two very interesting 3D printers were just announced by Objet at EuroMold: the Objet24 and the Objet30, both low-cost desktop machines.    These relatively inexpensive,


LMN Tech Studio Reviews Objet Alaris

Seattle-based LMN Tech Studio recently received a new Objet Alaris 30 3D Printer, and they’ve written up an extensive report on their experience with the


Which Desktop 3D Printer Do I Buy? Part Two

Editor: This is a guest post courtesy of well-known 3D Printing blogger Joris Peels. Most recently Joris was the Community Manager for Shapeways, but these


Objet Patents a New Print Material

We’ve just been going through a rather lengthy patent application submitted by Eduardo Napandensky and Diana Ravich – and the patent is assigned to Objet


The Quirky Case of Objet Technologies

In an unusual example of Web2.0 colliding head-on with 3D Printing, Objet announced they’ve sold a Connex 350 3D printer to social product developer Quirky. 


Purple Platypus

As the 3D printer market grows, the sales model changes, too. At first we see manufacturers selling directly, but once established they expand their coverage


Aflac Duck uses 3D Printing

Well, not the duck specifically – but in a Winter Olympics Aflac advertisement, the exasperated Aflac duck snowboards down a mountain – using helmet and

3D Systems

Objet vs. ProJet

The gloves are off now. We’ve just found a rather dramatic slideshow from 3D Systems that provides their take on a comparison between 3D Systems’


Flying With Objet

Objet 3D printing technology is being used at the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering to produce a Robotic Samara – a


Material of the Year!

  Last month blog Material ConneXion announcement the winners in their new MEDIUM Award for Material of the Year. This is the first annual presentation


Medical 3D is Contagious

Objet’s 3D printers seem to be taking hold in various medical applications, according to information passed our way. Here are four interesting approaches: Biorep Technologies


Objet Has 48

Forty-eight different kinds of digital materials, that is. They’ve just announced a eighteen more materials to add to their ever-increasing set. From their press release:


Anyone Care for a Used Objet?

  That’s right – Object Geometries, makers of the Connex series of 3D printers now has a trade in program! According to their application form:


Objet Rubberizes

  Objet, makers of the Polyjet line of 3D printers, have introduced “Castaldo®’s VLT™ [Very Low Temperature] molding rubber”, which should greatly simplify the making


OBJET’s PolyJet Technology

We’re written about OBJET’s amazing PolyJet technology before, but recently we ran across a great video that shows several truly interesting applications of this feature.


The Objet Connex350

  Today Objet announces their newest printer, the Connex350, joining the Connex500 in Objet’s flagship product line. Like the earlier Connex500, the new Connex350 has


RC Racing with RP Parts

  RP = Rapid Prototyping. We all know that – RP technologies are traditionally used to create rough “test” objects, suitable only for eyeball inspection.


“Fully Functional Biorobots”

  Do you know about the new Biorobotics and Biometrics lab in Israel? Founded in 2006 byDr. Alon Wolf, BRML, is a new lab in


New Prez at Objet

  Objet, makers of the very interesting Alaris, Eden and Connex500 series of 3D printers, has announced they’ve installed a new President and CEO. David


The Objet Eden260V

Objet, a manufacturer of 3D printers renowned for their ability to print objects using more than one type of print media, have announced a new


Alaris 30 Video

We’ve uncovered a video that demonstrates the new Objet Alaris 30 3D printer. We wrote about this amazing new device last week, but you must


Objet’s Alaris 30

Objet has announced a rather interesting new 3D printer, the Alaris 30 Desktop 3D Printer. The key features are: 30x20x15cm (11.81 x 7.87 x 5.9in)


3D Yoyo

  “Have you ever made a Yoyo with a 3D printer”, asks bollweevil in this Yoyonation forum discussion. Yoyo enthusiasts know their yoyos, and many


Multi-Material 3D Printer Hits North America

Object’s amazing multi-material Connex500 printer has been shown in North America for the first time at the Solidworks conference. Incredibly, this breakthrough device actually can


ProtoCAM Service

According to their website, ProtoCAM is the: largest rapid prototyping bureau in the Eastern United States, providing a unique blend of manufacturing engineering / rapid


Objet Videos

We seem to be hearing from Objet frequently lately. Just to keep up the trend, I’ve found a couple of interesting videos involving Objet printers,


Objet Wins Gold Award

At the Euromold fair Objet Geometries won the Gold award for their new Connex 500 3D printer. We’ve covered this amazing device before, but if


PolyJet Video

Further to this post, Objet has posted a video of their new composite-media technology, using the Connex 500 3D printer. The video shows how two


Composite Materials used in 3D Printer

Objet announced their “Polyjet Matrix technology”, which apparently enables the use of multiple materials simultaneously in a 3D printer. This is a major step, since

Fabbing Videos

Here is a great collection of fabbing videos from Objet featuring several of their 3D printers. If you’ve never seen fabbing, this is a good

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