Engineers at MTU Create 3 New Open Source Tools To Aid In Battling COVID – 19

3 New Open Source Tools To Aid In Battling COVID-19

During times of uncertainty, Michigan Tech’s Open Sustainability Technology (MOST) Lab doles out three new open source tools in response to the ongoing pandemic. The


Watching The TAZ 6 Grow Up

LulzBot is a fascinating company producing very well-regarded 3D printers, but one aspect of their business is unlike most others. 


Ultimaker: Cura is Rebuilt

Ultimaker announced a major upgrade to their 3D printing software, Cura. 


Formide OS Open Sourced

Netherlands-based Printr, the folks behind the slick “Element” 3D printer controller, have open sourced some of their software stack. 


Ultimaker’s Trust Level: 10

We had an opportunity recently to speak with Ultimaker CEO Siert Wijnia, and discovered something very unusual. 


An Unreleased LulzBot 3D Printer?

We’re checking out an opensource design for an apparently unreleased 3D printer from LulzBot: the Begonia.


YouMagine Takes On a Big Challenge

The folks at YouMagine, Ultimaker’s online repository of downloadable 3D objects, have begun development of a new open source license for 3D printed items. They need your help.


LittleSLA Could Shake Up 3D Printing

A new resin-based 3D printer, the LittleSLA, hopes to provide an opensource option for those wanting to get into the high-resolution 3D printing technology. 


The Defensive Patent License

A large portion of the 3D printing community is within the open source world, while the rest is commercially oriented. Conflicts have occurred, but now there could be a way to reduce them. 


Open Source Metal 3D Printing

We ran across an interesting project that’s attempting to create a system for 3D printing metal at very low cost. The idea is to do


The Flashforge Creator 3D Printer

If you think the Flashforge Creator looks quite a bit like MakerBot’s original replicator, you’d be correct. It seems that Flashforge has used the Rep’s


Free For You: A 3D Photo Booth

Computer engineer Jeremy Herrman has developed an amazing software configuration that dramatically simplifies the process of scanning humans. Or anything, really. It’s the software you


Bre’s Not A Bad Guy

One has to sympathize with Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot. While he’s had huge successes in the past few years, most recently by announcing the


MakerBot’s Bumpy Transition

Perhaps the biggest controversy in the history of 3D printing erupted this past week when an excited MakerBot community took a deeper look at the


The Eventorbot 3D Printer

Yet another innovative 3D printer has been announced: The Eventorbot Open Source 3D Printer by maker Duy Dang.    Be warned, though, this is not


The B9Creator 3D Printer

It seems that KickStarter is chock full of 3D printers kits these days and every week there is a new startup company with an improvement


Open3DP is Now Open3DP

The busy folks at the University of Washington’s Solheim Additive Manufacturing Laboratory in their Mechanical Engineering Department have opened up again.    Opened up? That’s


Open3DP is Now Open3DP

The busy folks at the University of Washington’s Solheim Additive Manufacturing  Laboratory in the Mechanical Engineering Department have opened up again.    Opened up? That’s


Playing With FreeCAD

Can’t afford a big-time 3D CAD modeling software program? You’re not alone and you’re not without solutions. There are free 3D modeling software options, including


Design with ImplicitCAD

Have you heard of OpenSCAD? It’s an open source software project that can be used to produce 3D models without a visual interface. How’s that


Homemade Stereolithography?

Dissatisfied with your plastic extrusion-based home 3D printer? Looking for a mechanical build challenge? Perhaps you’d be interested in checking out the Laser 3D Printer


Hi Res Home 3D Printer Update

We’re perusing Junior Veloso’s blog – he’s the fellow who’s developing a very high-resolution personal 3D printer. The device is quite different from most home


What is OHANDA?

OHANDA is the Open Source Hardware and Design Alliance, an initiative that has developed “Four Freedoms” that can be associated with an open design to



We’ve been following the folks at Open3DP for a while now as they proceed through experiments in 3D Printing. Lately they’ve been working on perfecting


Metalcasting Breakthrough

Those inventive folks at the University of Washington are at it again. This time they’ve been working on a simple formula for cementenous metalcasting. In



Readers might be familiar with Open CASCADE, but for those who aren’t it’s an open source software development framework that “includes components for 3D surface


Definitive Guide Complete?

Make Magazine has produced a complete list of open source hardware projects, ranging in categories from 3D Printing, Arduino, Clocks, Development Platforms, Green Energy, Games,


Let’s Download Some Hardware!

Bryan Bishop and Ben Lipkowitz talk about their new open source venture: SKDB. What is it? It’s a open source hardware distribution framework that takes

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