Patenting Pandemic Designs?

3D printing has really stepped up to the plate in pandemic response — but what happens with those designs post-pandemic?


Is Stratasys Feeling The Pressure From Below?

Stratasys launched an unusual marketing campaign that for the first time targets users of low-cost alternative 3D printing equipment. Why did they do this?


3D Printing and Smart Fabrics

Charles Goulding and Andressa Bonafe discuss innovations in smart fabrics that might be impacted by 3D printing. 

3D Systems

Final Word: The First 3D Printer

Since we published a story about the invention of 3D printing a few weeks ago, we have had much feedback.


Who Really Invented 3D Printing?

We all know that 3D printing was conceived in the mid-1980s, but the person who did so first is probably someone you’ve never heard of.


Solidscape Mystery Solved

An anonymous tipster has provided the solution to last week’s Solidscape event. 


Look Who’s Patented 3D Printable Concrete

We were directed to a patent describing a composition for 3D printable concrete.  This would certainly be a very useful capability, as the many attempts


3D Printing: Should You Go Open Source?

Although it’s possible that patents have existed since the time of the Ancient Greeks, the Venetian Patent Statute is more widely recognized as the first official patent system.


Materialise Patents a 3D Gripper?

We just noticed an unusual patent application from 3D print service Materialise: a three-fingered “gripper”. What does this mean? 


Apple’s 3D Coloration Patent: Analysis

As we described yesterday, Apple last week applied for a US patent for 3D print coloration technology. But what does this mean? 


David vs. Goliath in 3D Printing

Big companies face increasing pressure from lesser vendors as patents expire. How will they survive?


Backlash to MakerBot’s Patents Grows

The knowledge that MakerBot has apparently patented designs given to them by their community is spreading and some folks are upset. 


Has MakerBot Crossed The Line? For Some, Yes

Controversy this week regarding MakerBot’s aggressive patent filings. Why the controversy? Because the concepts were originally donated by supporters in good faith to further the cause of 3D printing. And now MakerBot has patented them.  


An Examination of 3D Printing Patents

A new report from patent researchers Patent Insight Pro investigates the state of 3DP patents. We found some very interesting tidbits. 


Another 3D Printing Patent Set to Expire: What Does This Mean?

US Patent number 5,597,589, “Apparatus for producing parts by selective sintering”, is to expire this May. Originally filed on May 31, 1994, the patent expires exactly 20 years hence, on May 31, 2014. But what will this mean? 


3D Printing Patents Sky Rocket in Number

In a recently released report, the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has stated that the amount of patent filing related to 3D printing has increased


Autodesk Battles Bad Design

3D software giant Autodesk has released an infographic portraying the need for, guess what? 3D design software. (Click on the image above to see the


EFF Challenges 3D Printing Patent Applications

In a dramatic move, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched legal challenges against six foundational patent applications directly related to 3D printing. They’ve done this


iRobot Moving Into 3D Printing?

A very detailed patent was recently issued to iRobot and Raytheon for a “Robot Fabricator”.    iRobot is well-known for their Roomba series of household


Preventing 3D Printed Piracy… Or What?

A patent has been awarded to The Invention Science Fund, an organization holding patents for former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures company.   What


The Phenix vs. EOS Patent War Heats Up

We’ve been advised that Phenix Systems has filed a lawsuit against 3D printer manufacturer EOS. This is more than likely in response to EOS’s filing


KraftWurx’s Patent Available

The legalities behind the KraftWurx 3D print service/software are now available for public viewing, courtesy of the US Government’s Patent and Trade office. Patent application


3D World Gets DMCA’d

This was totally inevitable. Earlier this week a new object posted to Thingiverse was widely discussed. It was a great object – apparently able to


Objet Patents a New Print Material

We’ve just been going through a rather lengthy patent application submitted by Eduardo Napandensky and Diana Ravich – and the patent is assigned to Objet



We’ve been wondering how property rights will work in the future, when anyone will be able to punch out objects on their 3D printer as


Printing Tissue by Ink-Jet

It’s not exactly Fabbing as we know it, but the World Intellectual Property Organization now includes an entry on printing live tissue. Yes, I mean

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