$Automated DMCA Takedown

How To Protect Your 3D Design

Are you a 3D designer and have had your designs stolen? There is a service that might help automatically detect theft and issue takedown notices.

TorrentFreak Contemplates 3D Piracy

TorrentFreak, a blog covering happenings in the BitTorrent world, forecasts doom for some manufacturers when 3D printing becomes widespread. BitTorrent is a file sharing protocol

3D Printing Napster? Not Yet

A piece in TechCrunch examines the notion that common availability of 3D printers will give rise to a “Napster for 3D Printing Models”.    Napster,

The Economist Speculates on 3D Piracy

The venerable magazine The Economist has a long piece speculating on the potential for 3D printed piracy. That is to say, the digital capture of

The Pirate Bay’s Physibles Phizzles

Some time ago the big news was the provocative announcement by the nefarious Pirate Bay torrent sharing site that they’d created a new category specifically

A Conversation On 3D Printer Piracy

We were reading an interesting article in The Guardian interviewing Steve Purdham, founder of successful internet jukebox service We7. Purdham spoke of how he believes

No Fears of Rampant 3D Copy Theft?

We’ve recently been seeing a torrent (no pun intended) of articles talking about the dangers of 3D print technology for rights owners. The premise is

BitTorrenting Real Things

There’s a great discussion going on at the Ponoko blog, where Duann posed the question, “What will we do when product design files start hitting

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