What’s With The Silk Filaments?

There’s increasing interest in “silk” 3D printer filaments, which are astonishingly shiny and now available from mainstream materials providers.


An Update On RePLAy 3D

RePLAy 3D contacted us to explain more details about the nature of their unusual 3D printer filament recycling service.

art filament

Is There Such A Thing As Museum-Quality 3D Printer Filament?

Is there a “correct” or “optimal” set of colors for 3D printing materials for artists? One company has scientifically developed a set of unique and beautiful PLA materials for artistic 3D prints.

$broken glass build plate

How To Break A 3D Printer’s Glass Build Plate

Have you ever broken a 3D printer build plate? We did! Our glass build plate had a sad case of over-adhesion on a PLA print that could not be removed.

$makerbot's nadav goshen

Not Your Average MakerBot

We had a long chat with MakerBot CEO Nadav Goshen about the current state of the company and its products.

3D Printing Nerd

Strengthen PLA Prints By Annealing

Many 3D printer operators are unaware of a technique for transforming materials into stronger versions: annealing.


TRUE Food Safe PLA

Filaments.ca is introducing a new food-safe line of 3D printing filament.

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