E3D’s Next 3D Printer?

E3D-Online is very well known for their 3D printer components, but did you know they are working on their own 3D printer, again? 


Venturi 3D Steps Up

I’m looking at a new crowdfunding 3D printer launch.

high temperature

The UBOT P440 3D Printer

UBOT 3D is now ready to release their new huge P440 3D printer to the world. 


ZRapid’s Open Philosophy

I’m impressed with not only ZRapid’s 3D printing products, but their philosophy towards materials. 

Aon3D Has Found Success

Aon3D is a Montreal-based company producing a high-temperature 3D printer.


The HAGE 5-Axis 3D Printer

One of the rarer forms of extrusion-based 3D printing is known as “5-axis” 3D printing.


Stratasys’ STEP Technology Spun Off

In a surprise announcement, Stratasys unveiled an apparently new 3D printing technology, “STEP”, and a company to run with it, Evolve Additive Solutions. 


The HT 5800 3D Printer

3D Printerworks has launched a new powerful industrial 3D printer, the HT 5800. 


Retouch3D Continues

A 3D printing accessory maker survives and expands. 


Tweaks and Improvements at 3NTR

When we last saw 3NTR, the company had begun marketing a very powerful high temperature 3D printer. 

high temperature

The FUNMAT 3D Printer Series from INTAMSYS

Shanghai-based INTAMSYS’ FUNMAT series of professional 3D printers hopes to provide the world with high temperature capabilities. 


Loop3D’s Continuous 3D Printing System

With all the competition in professional desktop 3D printers these days, it’s hard to stand out. But Loop3D has found a way. 


New Matter’s New 3D Printer

New Matter has released a new desktop 3D printer that improves on their original design. 


Impossible Objects Gets Cash

Illinois-based 3D printing startup Impossible Objects has received a hefty amount of cash. 


The Resurrection of Village Plastics

Village Plastics, a long time manufacturer of 3D printer filament, has reappeared – but there’s a story to be told. 


The FELIX Tec 4 Desktop 3D Printer

FELIXprinters is one of those long-time 3D printer manufacturers, and now they have released their latest machine, the FELIX Tec 4.


Cubibot Launched on Kickstarter

A new, very inexpensive desktop 3D printer has just been launched on Kickstarter: the Cubibot.

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