Dremel Prepping for New 3D Printer

With rumors of a new Dremel desktop 3D printer arriving soon, the company seems to be dumping the older version.


The Toybox: A 3D Printer for Kids

I’m looking at a crowdfunding campaign for the “Toybox”, and believe this could be a good option for a holiday gift. 


Hands on with Four Fiberlogy Filaments

Fiberlogy is a Polish company producing high quality 3D printer filaments, and we had the chance to test not one, but four of their materials. 


ZYYX’s Professional 3D Printer

Another 3D printer manufacturer has developed a professional-level version of their desktop 3D printer. 


An Unusual 3D Printing Filament from 3dk.berlin

There’s plenty of competition in the 3D printer filament market these days, so it takes a lot to stand out among the crowd. It seems that 3dk.berlin has done so with their new “k-top” product. 


A USD$49 3D Printer? Can It Be True?

China-USA based Kodama is set to release a USD$49 desktop 3D printer, and I may be a bit skeptical of this project. 


3D Print Community: Reflow

This month’s community support selection is Reflow, a project to assist third world countries through 3D printing. 


DuPont Unleashes Their Polymer Portfolio

I just noticed that chemical giant DuPont released new materials specifically for 3D printing.  Everyone has heard of DuPont; they have been around since 1802


What to Make of the Snapmaker?

The Snapmaker is a very low cost desktop 3D printer that has now raised a great deal of money, but is this a good thing?


STACKER Returns with the S2 3D Printer

Two years ago a new company called STACKER introduced a powerful four-head professional 3D printer. Now, they’re back with a newly optimized model, the S2. 


The Fabricatus Desktop Engineering 3D Printer

An entirely new desktop 3D printer designed for engineering use, specifically for injection molds, has been announced today by Avante Technology. 


Xioneer’s X1 Has All The Calibrations!

At this stage of development, you might wonder what possible improvements could be done on a standard filament-based 3D printer. Tt turns out Xioneer has figured out several. 


3D Platform’s Powerful New Extruders

You might be familiar with 3D Platform, a company dedicated to making large-format 3D printers. Now it seems they’re working on ways to make large prints much faster. 


BigRep’s Shrinking!

Usually we see 3D printer companies making ever-larger devices. But now the maker of a large unit produces a smaller unit. 


Who Knew? Nylon PLA!

Is it nylon 3D printer filament or PLA. Actually, this product is both!


The Huge Cheetah 3D Printer

There’s another large-format plastic extrusion 3D printer you may not have heard of: the Cheetah 2. 


The Tiny PocketMaker 3D Printer

Need a 3D printer you can put in your pocket? Well, it may be slightly bigger than a pocket, but the PocketMaker is indeed very small. 


The Mysterious Fleximatter Project

I’m looking at a secretive Israeli company called Fleximatter that seems to be developing an unusual 3D printing technology. 

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