DyeMansion Raises M Series B

DyeMansion Raises $14M Series B

German additive manufacturing post-processing company DyeMansion has closed a $14 million Series B funding round.

Let’s Talk About Post-Processing
post processing

Let’s Talk About Post-Processing

They call post-processing the “dirty little secret” of 3D printing, but let’s talk about it in the 2020 post-processing survey.

Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Realizing 3D Printing’s Potential via Automated Post-Processing Tech

As the 3D printing space continues to transform into something that fits into industrial factory settings, we’ve seen materials expand, systems improve, and a trend toward automation. What has so far seemed to be the missing piece is an equal improvement in post-processing technologies.



After our story last week about a new post processing company, PULVERMEISTER, we learned a great deal more.



A new company, Pulvermeister GmbH, has produced a prototype of a 3D print post-processing device.

postprocess technologies

PostProcess Partners with Rösler

That didn’t take long. After announcing the establishment of a base in Europe US-based PostProcess Technologies announced an interesting partnership with Germany-based Rösler. PostProcess Technologies

Additive Manufacturing Technologies

AMT Expands to US Market

UK-based Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) is expanding operations to the North American market.


MCOR’s AWR: Automatic Post Processing

We haven’t heard much from MCOR lately, but they’ve just developed a new feature that should save considerable post processing time. 


Sculpteo un-Beta’s Their Smoothing System

3D print service Sculpteo announced testing of their mysterious smoothing system is now “out of its beta phase” and available to all. 


The Anmasi Cleaning System

Once the 3D printing is done, the post processing begins. That’s the “dirty” secret of the industry, but it’s one that vendors like Anmasi can solve. 


3D Print Post Processing: A Wiki

So you’ve 3D printed your object, and hold it in your hand. Are you finished? Not at all – there’s the often-required “post processing” step,


Most 3D printers produce objects that are only a single color, and usually it’s awful. A few higher-end 3D printers can produce color objects (ZCorp),

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