Sinterit Introduces Comprehensive SLS Toolkit

Sinterit Introduces Comprehensive SLS Toolkit

Sinterit announced the availability of a new “comprehensive set of powder tools”, which aims to change the game when acquiring an SLS 3D printer.

Inverted Powder 3D Printing

Inverted Powder 3D Printing

Researchers at Columbia University have developed a unique form of powder 3D printing that is inverted.


All About 3D Printer Recoater Blades

I’m reading a fascinating piece by Additive Manufacturing Consultant Michael Wohlfart discussing the different types of recoaters one might use.

6k additive

6K Additive Makes Some Big Moves

6K Additive has commissioned their first units and at the same time has landed a sustainable client.


Multicolor SLS 3D Printing Coming?

New research has demonstrated an inexpensive method of reliably producing different color shades during SLS 3D printing, but will it replace dyeing?


VELO3D Launches Tall Metal 3D Printer

VELO3D announced a new, much taller Sapphire metal 3D printer that enables 3D printing metal parts for automotive, aerospace and oil & gas.


Sharebot Entering The Metal 3D Printing Arena

Sharebot has taken a big step into the world of metal 3D printing with the introduction of their new MetalONE metal 3D printer, which is designed for R&D use.


Chemical Companies Acquiring 3D Printers

Prodways Group announced sales of 3D printers, but not to “normal” customers: Instead they sold them to chemical companies, and we know why.

additive industries

An Update on The Progress of Additive industries

Additive Industries announced a series of interesting technical and corporate moves that should power their expansion. We speculate on what they could mean for the 3D printing industry.

6k additive

More On 6K Additive’s Amazing Metal Powder Process

6K Additive has developed a radically new system for producing fine metal powder for additive manufacturing and 3D printing, even enabling 3D printing of impossible alloys.


RPS: The Most Bizarre 3D Printing Process Yet Seen

A bizarre new 3D printing process called Roll Powder Sintering could be the fastest and cheapest way to 3D print metal, ceramic and thermoplastic materials. We found out how it works.


Is It Possible To 3D Print Spacecraft?

It has now been demonstrated it’s possible to 3D print spacecraft parts in thermoplastic thanks to an experiment by CRP Technology.


Farsoon’s Powder-Eating CAMS System

Farsoon completed customer beta-testing of their powerful HT1001P CAMS nylon 3D printing production system, which can 3D print continuously.

high speed sintering

Stratasys Invests Big Time in Xaar, But Why?

Why would Stratasys invest so much in Xaar? Our thoughts lead directly to Stratasys’ new product strategy, and it’s not like their previous products at all.


Choose SLS, SLA or SLM 3D Printers From SondaSys

Need a 3D printer manufacturer providing multiple additive manufacturing processes? One option is SondaSys, which provides six machines using three different processes.

$ceramic 3D printing

3D Printing Ceramics Without Binders

Aerosint is taking steps to make ceramic 3D printing more robust with a binder-free powder bed process.

$velo3D Origin

Velo3D’s Origin Story Defines Their Character

Want to know Velo3D’s origin story? Find out how they discovered how to 3D print metal without support structures using a revolutionary recoater system.

$no support 3D printing

Velo3D’s Incredible Metal 3D Printing Process

Velo3D’s amazing metal 3D printing process is able to print without support material with very high resolution using a “free floating in the powder” system.

$using tpu with sls

TPU Elastomers From Powder

I’m watching another of Sinterit’s amusing videos, this time about TPU elastomers.

binder jet

Waiting For Xerox

As industrial interest in 3D printing grows exponentially, new players are sure to arrive. One of them is likely to be Xerox.


Smooth Or Rough Materials?

I’m watching some interesting videos from Sinterit about their materials.


Setback For CRP Group?

We received a press release from CRP group describing a catastrophe for one of their partners.


Formlabs’ Fuse 1 Delayed?

We learned that Formlabs has delayed the release of their highly anticipated Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer.


LPW Acquired by Carpenter

Leading metal 3D printing powder specialist LPW has been acquired by Carpenter Technology Corporation.

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