Book of the Week: Made in the USA

Book of the Week: Made in the USA

This week’s selection is “Made in the USA: The Rise and Retreat of American Manufacturing ” by Vaclav Smil.

The Future of Additive Manufacturing

The Future of Additive Manufacturing

An interesting talk at the third episode of the ongoing 3DEXPERIENCE: A Virtual Journey revealed some hints about what may happen in additive manufacturing’s future.


Mass Customization Is Coming

With the arrival of the new Superstrata 3D printed bikes, I’m wondering whether we’re now at the moment when mass customization begins to grow in the minds of consumers.


A Future Nano-Cutting 3D Printer?

Researchers have developed a new method of cutting tiny 2D materials, but could this be the foundation of a new type of 3D printer?


Discovering Future AI Features For 3D Printing

I’m reading the lengthy PhD thesis from Ivanna Baturynska, who has extensively investigated the possibility of using advanced AI techniques to optimize 3D print jobs.

3D Systems

Four Far Out Predictions For 3D Printing In 2020

General predictions of the future are easy, mere extensions of existing trends. Here we provide some very specific — and unlikely — predictions for 2020.


Will 3D Printing Truly Reshape Retail?

Singularity Hub’s Peter Diamandis makes some predictions about how the retail market may be affected by 3D printing in the future. We have some counter-points.

$Recyclable 3D Printer Resin

Recyclable Thermosets Could Change Resin 3D Printing

Can you reuse thermoset plastics? It turns out there is a way, just discovered by researchers. This could enable future use of recyclable 3D printer resins.


At Last: The End of STL Is In Sight

There have been a few developments recently that have brought me to the view that STL file format will slide away quietly.


3D Printing Predictions for 2019

3D printing has come a long way from its origins in the 1980s, with a brief entry into the consumer space galvanizing its growth in the earlier part of the decade.


Book of the Week: Designing Reality

This week’s selection is “Designing Reality: How to Survive and Thrive in the Third Digital Revolution” by Neil Gershenfeld, Alan Gershenfeld and Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld.


Could the End of STL be In Sight?

The venerable STL file format for describing 3D models has been around for far too long. But now the end could be finally appearing. 

3D Printing: The Story So Far

3D Printing: The Story So Far

As today is our tenth anniversary I felt it wise to do a recap –  of everything that’s happened in 3D printing over the past decades. 


More On Gartner’s 3D Printing Predictions

Gartner 3D printing analyst Pete Basiliere pointed us at their company’s latest detailed report on 3D printing and it shows some interesting predictions. 


Can 3D Printing Combat Climate Change?

A piece in The Bulletin proposes that 3D printing could be used to help stop climate change. But is this really possible? 


Time For a Breakthrough in 3D Metal Printing?

3D metal printing is an expensive proposition, and it may be that this expense is holding back adoption by industry. Is there anything that can be done? 


Success and Challenges for Simplify3D

Simplify3D is an independently-produced 3D printer management software utility that has been quite successful. But it may have challenges, too. 


Stratasys to Replace the Mojo?

A few short years ago Stratasys introduced the “Mojo”, their lowest cost professional 3D printer. But is it about to be replaced? 


3D Printing Reawakens The Maker In You

100 years ago, people knew how to make things. They weren’t necessarily complex things, but they made them. Today, we’ve largely forgotten those skills. 


A Sports Opportunity for 3D Printing?

Some major sports teams have official products, such as an official drink or service. But why not have an official 3D printer?


Todd Grimm on 3D Printing’s Future

In the Additive Manufacturing User Group conference’s first keynote, industry expert Todd Grimm laid out his view of the 3D Printing landscape, highlighting many of the technologies and trends that are driving the industry.


Will the Cheap 3D Printers Succeed?

It used to be that to spend USD$500 on a 3D printer, you’d expect to receive a bag of parts and spend your time building it yourself. Not so anymore – or  not? 


Robocranes for 3D Printed Buildings?

We’re reading some thoughts from Eric Hunting  on the Open Manufacturing list regarding future possibilities for large-scale 3D printing, specifically for housing. He’s got some very intriguing ideas. 


uformit’s Adaptive 3D Print Service

We had a peek at format’s new technology in NYC earlier this year, but now everyone can make use of it as they’ve just launched their new 3D print site. 


How Many 3D Printers Do You Own?

In your home you’ll likely have one microwave, perhaps a car or two, one refrigerator, etc. But how many 3D printers do you have? We think it’s more than one.


Free 3D Printers!

There seems to be two approaches to selling personal 3D printers these days. We’re not sure which one will prevail. 

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