The Cheap Filament Option

The Cheap Filament Option

Many Fabbaloo readers consume a lot of 3D printer materials, and that can be expensive. But there are ways to reduce costs.


More On Simplify3D’s Upcoming V5

After our recent story on Simplify3D’s upgrade plans, we received some additional clarifications from the company.


Secrets of 3D Print Pricing

One of the trickier aspects of operating 3D printers for hire is that of pricing prints. 


3DCompare: It Compares!

We’re looking at a new 3D print meta-service today, 3D Compare. 


How Big is the Carbon Adidas Deal?

Last week Carbon and Adidas announced a deal to produce 3D printed midsoles. But how big is this deal, exactly?


A Lesson on Pricing Artistic 3D Prints

I’m reading a brief post on LinkedIn by noted 3D designer Janne Kyttanen regarding his experience with a 3D printed light design. 


3YOURMIND’s Powerful 3D Printing Meta-Service

I’m taking a look at 3YOURMIND, a Berlin-based startup that provides simplified ways to access 3D printing services for industrial and professional use. 


The Stunning Markup On 3D Printer Resin

We had a chat with a major manufacturer of 3D printer resin and discovered the stunning level of price markup made by many vendors. 

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