Book of the Week: Build Your Own Mini Metal Maker

Did you ever want to try 3D printing in metal but did not have a million dollar budget to do so? If so, this book explains step-by-step how to build an inexpensive 3D printer that can actually 3D print metal objects.


The Transformation of Loop 3D

Loop 3D has completely switched gears and after two years has released a powerful industrial 3D printer. We found out all about it and its numerous features.


Formlabs Expands Dental Program In A Big Way

Formlabs announced a series of bold moves to secure their place at the top of the dental 3D printing industry, including a new business unit, new dental 3D printing materials and a new dental 3D printer, the Form 3B.


What Is An Educational 3D Printer?

What makes up a 3D printer for education? What features are best for 3D printing in the classroom? We made a list.

carbon fiber

Metal And Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Farms

3D printer farms aren’t a new concept — but the advantages of grouping together high-strength 3D printing units are growing. Markforged has just introduced its

$True Cost of 3D Printers

What Does A 3D Printer Really Cost?

What’s the true cost of a 3D printer? An accidental email spills the beans on how much resellers actually pay for 3D printers, and it’s less than you think.

$3D Printed Buildings

Book of the Week: 3D Printing of Concrete

Where will concrete 3D printing lead? Will the construction industry undergo a revolution from computer controlled concrete extrusion? What will buildings look like?


Another World’s First Chocolate 3D Printer!

Has the world’s first chocolate 3D printer been announced by Cadbury? I think not, there have been many previous chocolate 3D printers on the market.

$velo3D Origin

Velo3D’s Origin Story Defines Their Character

Want to know Velo3D’s origin story? Find out how they discovered how to 3D print metal without support structures using a revolutionary recoater system.


The Method Behind the Method

Continuing a chat with MakerBot’s CEO and VP of Engineering, we turn to more particulars on the new Method 3D printer.


A $35 3D Printer? Not!

This seems impossible, but I saw an advertisement for a US$35 3D printer.


3D Construction Printer Chosen

We’re advised that a Belgian organization has selected a large scale 3D construction printer from 3D Printhuset.


Bricks: A Different Kind of Voxel

I’m looking at an Australian company that seems to have produced a 3D printer, but don’t call it one. 


MakeX’s M-ONE 3D Printer

China-based MakeX produces a less expensive resin-based desktop 3D printer, the M-ONE.


Monoprice Releases Dual Extrusion Video

Monoprice announced a very low-cost dual extruder 3D printer last month, but we didn’t know how well it worked until we watched this video. 


The Spectrum of Color 3D Printers

You have a monocolor 3D printer and you want colors? You have a few options, but not all of them may fit into your budget.


Finally, a 3D Printer Statistic

At CES 2014 MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis dropped a stat we’d been waiting to hear. Pettis claimed that MakerBot has sold and shipped over 44,000


Amazing Six-Axis 3D Printer Shown

Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering Yong Chen of the University of Southern California has been experimenting with different mechanical arrangements for 3D extrusion


Would You Share a 3D Printer?

One secret known by 3D printer owners is that they can be a lot of work and expense. They are more expensive than consumer-grade paper


Find The Best 3D Printer?

We’ve learned of a new source for comparisons of 3D printers: FindTheBest.com, which is a comparison and review site for products and services of all


Polychemy Offers More 3D Prints

As interest in 3D printing grows, so does the requirement for amazing 3D prints. One interesting source is Polychemy, who market a collection of eclectic


makexyz Makes Your Stuff

You’re interested in 3D printing, but don’t have a 3D printer. You also don’t want to pay a high price to a 3D print service


3D Printing Outside The Box

Joris Peels proposes a radical idea for 3D printing: mobility. Longtime Fabbaloo readers will be familiar with the concept of a “build chamber”, in which


Looking for a Used 3D Printer?

The press typically covers announcements of new printers, but did you know you can find used 3D printers for sale at prices that are sometimes


Eleven Year Old Boy Builds 3D Printer

Some may say 3D printing is a niche topic understandable only by ultrageeks, but we’re reading about Justin Urke, an eleven year old from Auburn,



Another very cool KickStarter project has appeared: CubeSpawn, by James Jones. The project’s concept is to establish a standard approach to linking personal manufacturing machines

3D Systems

3D Systems Unveils The Biggest!

3D Printer manufacturer 3D Systems demonstrated their new Projet 5000 Large Format 3D printer at the EuroMold conference. Is this just another 3D printer? No



Israeli-based SOLIDO announced a new 3D printer: the SOLIDO SD300 Pro, which succeeds the previous SD300. The SD300 uses Plastic Sheet Lamination technology to produce

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