Creating 3D Printed WiFi Access QR Codes with Python

I embarked on a project to create a 3D printed QR code that guests at our house could scan to gain access to our guest wireless network. Why 3D you might ask? Well, that’s how geeks like myself like to impress their guests!

$3D printed lithophane

How To 3D Print Lithophanes

Have you ever wanted to 3D print lithophanes? It turns out to be suprisingly easy!


3D Print Community: Otto DIY

This month’s selection for our community support program is the fascinating Otto DIY project: build your own robot.


Ideal For Educators: Monthly 3D Printing Projects?

UK-based Laykanics is an interesting service that offers monthly 3D print-based project kits that I think could be very suitable for educators looking to expose students to 3D printing. 


GrabCAD Workbench Now Free!

GrabCAD’s excellent Workbench product is now available for free, disposing of previous monthly fees. 

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